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January 10, 2007 14:24 ET Teams With Kingston to Create and Distribute Child ID Kits

USB Kits to Expedite Law Enforcement's Access to Information, and Improve Response Time and Recovery Rates of Missing or Abducted Children

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 10, 2007 --, the AMBER Alert portal for state law enforcement efforts in the recovery of abducted children, is joining forces with Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products to create the first-ever AMBER Alert Child ID kit. Kingston is donating its DataTraveler™ USB drives for the kits, and is providing encrypted software and its mass notification platform to the effort.

The AMBER Alert Child ID kits will hold critical information about a child so that in the event of an abduction, law enforcement can easily and quickly access identification and contact information for the child. The AMBER Alert Child ID kit is the official Child ID kit for, and is free to parents thanks to the public - private partnerships between and businesses who sponsor the Kits.

"When a child is abducted or goes missing, law enforcement has to act swiftly," said Jeffrey Rassas, president and CEO of Global Alerts, parent company of "In cases where abducted children are killed, 74% of those deaths take place within 3 hours of the abduction, so every minute counts in the recovery of a missing child. The emotional upheaval a parent faces when experiencing the horror of their child being abducted sometimes makes it difficult for them to focus on providing all the information law enforcement needs in order to quickly commence search and recovery efforts. Our AMBER Alert Child ID kits are designed to make it easier for parents to have information about their children readily available so that law enforcement can access it quickly with one goal in mind -- to return the missing child home safely to its family."

The AMBER Alert Child ID kit is comprised of a USB drive and encrypted identity software that launches immediately once inserted into a PC. The encrypted identity software guides the parent or legal guardian through a simple enrollment process. Users are prompted to enter essential information on their child that can be used in the future if necessary. The process takes roughly 2 minutes per child. Details including the child's height, weight, date of birth, eye color and hair color are included. A recent photograph and emergency contact information may also be included. The Kit allows for additional information to be uploaded, such as school background, alternate guardian or friend contact information, or additional photographs, and because the information is stored on a 512KB USB drive, parents are encouraged to update it annually to ensure the most recent information about their child / children resides on the Kit. Finally, because the software on the USB drive is encrypted, the data entered by a parent is only accessible by law enforcement personnel.

Using the AMBER Alert portal in combination with the AMBER Alert Child ID kit, law enforcement may directly issue and update AMBER Alerts, which are then automatically communicated to anyone who has registered at To date, more than 135,000 concerned citizens across the United States have registered to receive local AMBER Alerts and corresponding updates.

"This is a very important new program and we are proud to partner with to promote the AMBER Alert Child ID kit," said Mike Sager, vice president of corporate communications for Kingston. "Our ongoing support for organizations like AMBER Alert and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ties-in with our corporate culture and commitment to protecting children and families."

The AMBER Alert Child ID kit allows data for multiple children to be included so only one USB drive per family is needed. AMBER Alert officials recommend placing the USB drive in a safe and easily-accessible location in case an emergency arises. These USB drives easily attach to a key chain, lanyard, wallet, or purse for convenient, easy access.

For more information about the AMBER Alert network or to receive an AMBER Alert Child ID kit, please register at

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