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October 15, 2015 13:14 ET

Ambient Water Comments on Global Water Scarcity Issues as Many Look to El Nino to Provide Drought Relief

Company Continues to Penetrate Drought Stricken Areas to Showcase Atmospheric Water Generation Technology as Debate Continues on Whether El Nino Will Bring Enough Rain to Make Positive Impact or Worsen Conditions Further

SPOKANE, WA--(Marketwired - October 15, 2015) - Ambient Water (OTCQB: AWGI), a leading provider of atmospheric water generation systems for extracting water from humidity in the air, today commented on the pending El Niño's impact on the drought in California and across the globe as the company continues to showcase its atmospheric water generation technology in regions of extreme water scarcity.

There has been much debate over what relief, if any, the El Niño will bring to areas like California, though recent reports say this could be the second strongest El Niño since 1950, and that Southern California could be in for a deluge of rain. Those reports, however, come less than two months after California's own state climatologist was quoted as saying the State could not count on the El Niño to halt or reverse drought conditions.

While the debate rages on about California, other drought ravaged areas across the Pacific are preparing for El Niño and the possible negative impacts it could bring. Papua New Guinea has already seen two dozen people die from hunger and drought, and it is feared that the El Niño could leave four million more people across the Pacific without food or water. It's been reported that this El Niño could be as bad as in 1997-1998, when an estimated 23,000 people died.

"It's the natural reaction when we have drought to hope for rain and to think a lot of rain can just solve everything. But these large natural weather phenomena's like El Niño can be so severe that it just exacerbates the issue even further," said Keith White, Founder and CEO of Ambient Water. "We've seen it happen before, where the weather is so severe that infrastructure is destroyed and people end up losing their food and water sources. This leads to disease and death, often on a larger scale than when the original drought conditions existed. So while it is a positive to see these areas get some natural relief through rainfall, El Niño will not be the ultimate solution and many areas will still need help."

The United States and the Pacific are just two regions currently experiencing drought with little relief. According to the Global Drought Information System, areas of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia all suffer from some instance of severe drought that is unlikely to be solved by natural weather occurrences in the immediate future.

When natural occurrences are lacking, the opportunity exists for innovative technologies that can be a more consistent and sustainable water source for areas in need. As such, Ambient Water has continued to showcase its atmospheric water generation technology -- most recently in Indonesia, South America, Latin America, Middle East and California -- as a solution for those who aren't able to rely on inconsistent weather patterns to provide water and fertile soil needed for survival.

"There is a tremendous need in areas across the globe for a reliable, sustainable source of water for consumption and as an asset to aid in food production. These areas cannot afford to wait for rain in order to survive," said White. "We have had positive discussions with government leaders in various regions about our atmospheric generation technology and feel confidently that it could be used to help their citizens when environmental conditions are not cooperative."

Ambient Water's patented atmospheric water generation technology literally makes water out of thin air, transforming humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use. With multiple systems already commercially available or in development, the Company's technology produces clean and fresh water for a host of commercial industries, including oil and gas exploration and farming, while also providing fresh drinking water for homes, offices, and communities.

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Ambient Water pioneered atmospheric water generation technology for extracting water from humidity in the air. Drawing from the renewable ocean of water vapor in the air that we breathe, the Company's patented technology cost-effectively transforms humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use. The scalable and modular systems can be configured for a number of water-sensitive applications ranging from oil and gas exploration to vertical farming. The systems can also be configured to produce high quality drinking water for homes, offices, and communities. For a thirsty planet on the verge of a water crisis, Ambient Water makes clean water out of thin air. To learn more about Ambient Water, visit our website at

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