November 11, 2013 14:53 ET

Ambitious Eng-Clicks Network Aims to Revolutionize Collaboration, Outpace LinkedIn

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 11, 2013) - The newest entrant in the crowded web networking market, Eng-Clicks is eager to distinguish itself. Poised to become an indispensable resource for engineers and technical professionals around the world, Eng-Clicks is something more than social media.

Like every feat of engineering, Eng-Clicks began with a vision.

Running his own consulting and manufacturing business equipped entrepreneur and Professional Engineer Marin Vratonjic with unique insight into the needs of his industry, and what it was missing.

"Eng-Clicks has been designed to meet the needs of engineering professionals, academics and students," explains Vratonjic, the founder and lead developer of the portal.

With features ranging from specialized industry software access to an advanced job board, Eng-Clicks will assist entrepreneurial engineers and technical professionals (such as architects and machinists) with business development while serving as a multi-purpose resource. It also features a sophisticated discussion board and tender listings.

"There are numerous recruiters out there, and public tender portals," says Vratonjic. "The advantage with Eng-Clicks is that every tool, service and function is specifically targeted to our members. Our members are engineers, tradespeople and architects, so our tender board features bidding opportunities that will be of interest them. There is no need to sift through irrelevant jobs and opportunities. Eng-Clicks does it for you."

Having thought about launching a collaborative web-based tool for years, Vratonjic decided to bring the project to life in 2013.

"Initially, the goal of Eng-Clicks was to connect engineers and give them access to a powerful cloud. The idea quickly evolved into a one-stop shop for the career and networking needs of all technical professionals."

In order to help connect members with quality resources quickly and easily, Vratonjic adds that vendors from all industries are encouraged to sign up: "Manufacturing, law, accounting and information technology…engineering professionals have a wide range of needs, and Eng-Clicks membership will be the best way to reach our huge market."

Sourcing and networking are other key draws for members. Need a steel supplier need London, Ontario? Find and connect with one quickly and easily using Eng-Clicks' advanced search and networking functions. Talk to, see and exchange documents with potential partners using sophisticated web conferencing software. Eng-Clicks has partnered with Solgenia North America to deliver WebLive as well as Freedoc -- a high quality content management solutions -- to technical professionals.

"I'm not going to stop talking about this until companies have realized the benefits of these products. The engineering industry can benefit massively from this technology."

"Right before we introduced Eng-Clicks to the public, we were struggling to write a short introduction - something to get people interested and excited about the platform. We decided to conclude it with 'welcome home.' Eng-Clicks is about bringing us together under one roof."

Vratonjic and his team believe that the potential of large-scale collaboration is endless.

"Collaboration is the lifeblood of engineering and technical trades. You can't succeed without it. Uniting professionals with one another, with tools, resources and opportunities -- that's what Eng-Clicks is about."

For more information please visit www.engclicks.ca. Eng-Clicks also maintains an informative blog.

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