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May 09, 2013 07:55 ET

AMC Health Integrates Five Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies to Enhance Its Telehealth Solutions

Cloud-Based Platform Supports Remote Care for Chronic Diseases

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - AMC Health announced today the addition of five new technologies to its remote monitoring platform, enabling the company to offer the most comprehensive array of in-home monitoring in the industry. These technologies enhance the management of chronically ill patients who receive the majority of their care at home.

"Remote video visits, monitors for oral and inhaled medications, a kiosk for multiple users and a cellular personal emergency response system complement our existing platform of biometric data and interactive voice response solutions," CEO Nesim Bildirici stated, "and the data from all those sources is integrated into a single web-based platform."

A new wireless video console enables remote visits between clinicians and patients in their homes. In addition to high-definition audio and video, the console transmits blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose readings, oxygen saturation, weight and temperature.

A wireless medication management system helps patients with complex dosing regimens take their medications on time, and notifies a family member or clinician if they don't, which allows many patients to continue to live independently at home. An adherence monitor for inhaled medications provides the same support for people with asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Adherence for this population is essential because many individuals depend on these medications to manage symptoms and prevent flare ups or attacks.

A wireless personal emergency response system enables users to contact a monitoring station or a family member for immediate assistance, even if they are not in their own homes.

Finally, a multi-user kiosk provides wireless telemonitoring of weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and blood glucose levels. The cost-effective kiosk, which can be installed at any location, provides a convenient option that allows entire families, people living in group residences, a company's employees and others to easily monitor and transmit key health information to their physician.

AMC Health's telehealth platform collects, analyzes and integrates information from different sources. It also contains decision support tools so clinicians can identify patients at risk of developing a medical problem so they can intervene early to prevent or reduce the severity of the potential problem.

"Our focus is to help healthcare providers offer the right technologies to the right patients to improve clinical efficiencies and health outcomes, and decrease costs throughout the healthcare system," said Rosemary Glavan, senior vice president for clinical services at AMC Health. "We help customers identify at-risk populations who are likely to be helped by a telehealth initiative. Then we match them with the appropriate technologies and services for the best health outcomes at the lowest cost."

Glavan continued, "Because AMC Health is vendor neutral and remote patient monitoring technology is improving almost exponentially, we constantly evaluate the latest solutions to offer our customers the best options for their patients. Each contributes advanced functionality to increase patient compliance with care plans and provides clinicians with the most up-to-date information about their patients, which improves care quality and helps prevent costly acute episodes."

These technologies are supported by the company's end-to-end services, including real-time data analysis by telehealth managers, deployment and integration services, administrative and support services, and telehealth training and patient education.

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