September 14, 2009 14:48 ET Offers Medical Logo and Medical Marketing Tips for Healthcare Practices and Device Companies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - Businesses are constantly innovating and reinventing themselves to stay up-to-date. One of the most effective ways to convey a new business direction is with a logo facelift. The decision to refresh a logo is easy. It's deciding how to refresh that's difficult. Medical marketing company Aurora Medical Design believes "less is more." Simple medical logo design changes can deliver a big impact to your target audience.

The idea behind a refreshed logo is to signify a change in the business: a new business process, improved customer service, better quality, or innovative products. Subtle changes are best for companies that have an established brand reputation and a solid customer base. Big name brands have experienced hits and misses in their attempts at logo updates.

In's article, "What's in a New Logo?," (August 12, 2009), big name logo redesigns were reviewed. Some were successful; some were not. Aurora Medical Design says, learn from the mistakes of the "big guys" and keep the following in mind when considering a medical logo redesign:

--  Do not make yourself unrecognizable or you will lose customers and
    their trust (like when Blackwater became the unpronounceable "Xe")
--  Walk the walk when you talk the talk - make sure when you advertise
    it, you can sell it
--  Stay the course - be careful to move too quickly with a redesign, only
    to change it later because it makes the brand look unsure of itself and its
--  If it ain't broke, don't fix it - Pepsi's redesign from the wave to
    the smile was needless and may end up being counterproductive
--  Listen to your customers - they are your ultimate focus group
--  Keep it classy - don't feel compelled to go for shock value, because
    it could backfire
--  Leverage your brand's strength of "recognizability" - UPS leveraged
    the brown and made it almost proprietary to the brand; now that is powerful
--  Speak softly to carry a big brand - Walmart's new logo started with a
    softer approach and a simple tagline which spoke volumes to customers
--  Capitalize on what makes you unique - don't go against the grain of
    the brand, like Xerox did when it "abandoned" the X; accentuate that which
    makes you stand out
--  Stick with something that will endure and survive the times with only
    minor changes - case in point: Apple's enduring logo, which originated in
    1976 as a rainbow "bitten apple," has only undergone changes in color and
    texture. It currently exists as a glassy "bitten apple" since 2003.


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