SOURCE: America Community Development Corporation

February 16, 2007 11:10 ET

America Community Development Corp Submits Official Proposal to the NBA for 3 Point Scoring Opportunity Rule Changes

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 16, 2007 --The NEED for this rule change is as follows:

The BIG MEN like Shaq have little opportunity for 3 pointers because of their position, and like the long range jump shot once was, the Allyoop Dunk is now one of the most exciting and challenging plays in the NBA!

"American Community Development Corp feels the fans are aware of the difficulty associated with executing the long range Allyoop Dunk. It requires remarkable timing when launching the basketball from behind the 3 point line to execute and tremendous athleticism and skills from any NBA player. When the long range Allyoop Dunk play is successfully completed the NBA FANS GO WILD!

"In recognition of this problem, the America Community Development Corp has submitted the following proposed rule changes for the NBA's consideration:"

1)The 3 point shot rule can be extended to include 3 point Dunks and Allyoop as long as ball is tossed from behind the three point line and the player is off the ground and in the air when he receives the basketball and dunks or Allyoop it in the hoop.

2)The 3 point shot line is firmly in place; the logic that follows is, if the ball is tossed from behind the 3 point line, it is a natural extension of the 3 point shot because the ball never touches the ground!

"American Community Development Corp feels because of these reasons that NBA fans everywhere should readily back the proposed rule changes, as they only serve to add to the joy and excitement of NBA games all season long!"

The long range Allyoop Dunk could be executed by NBA Players in the 2007 NBA All*Star Classic in Las Vegas Sunday, February 18!

You Got To Love This Game.



Last Scoring Rule Change



* Three-point line established 22 feet in the corners extending to 23 feet, nine inches at the top of the key.

I ask you to consider this, if the last rule change favored the Point Guards and Small Forwards i.e. (Michael Jordan).

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