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March 12, 2010 09:12 ET

America Is About to Wyse Up... With the Wyse Gyrls Academy

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 12, 2010) - Every new decade thrusts a new creative force of nature onto popular culture's radar screens, with the potential to impact millions of Americans who'll viscerally connect on multiple levels. THE WYSE GYRLS are about to explode onto that cosmos, in a triple threat assault on stage, screen, and more importantly in the nation's classrooms. 

Wyse Gyrls Academy officially opens March 15, 2010. The all-girl virtual K - 12 prep school aims to empower American girls by teaching them to be wiser in all areas of their lives including education, careers and relationships.

Rhonda Coleman, Founder and Head of School, modeled Wyse Gyrls Academy after Finland's Education System in response to America's skyrocketing dropout rates and the country's kids finishing 25th out of 30 developed nations in science and math.

"Smart schools of the future will be fun, glam and filled with edutainment," says Coleman. "Wyse Gyrls Academy is online and on track to achieve that agenda while having the capacity to serve tens of thousands of girls across the country," she adds.

Wyse Gyrls members Katherine Realpe, Ashley McJunkin, Priscilla Casper and Coryn Mabalot are all much more than just your run of the mill entertainment triple threats. These girls definitely bring their 'A' game, are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, gifted in multiple disciplines and multilingual speaking Spanish, Chinese and mastering Arabic, too. The teens are also straight A honors students who excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

What makes Wyse Gyrls Academy special is its cool STEM Jam program, Think Tank, 75 online courses, honors courses and over 50 dynamic Wyse Gyrls clubs. The Wyse Gyrls pop group edutains students interactively covering out of the box courses including self defense, martial arts, first aid, threat assessment, lie detection, brainwashing, cults, neuroscience, mate selection, strategic operations, etiquette, golf, fencing, kendo, stunts, competitive gymnastics, chess, forensic psychology, criminal profiling, song writing, music composition, pro tools, guitar, piano, drums, film making, animation, computer programming, fashion design, financial literacy, entrepreneurial studies, non-profit fundraising, grant writing, business planning, grass roots campaigning, foreign policy, diversity training, world religions, linguistics, black and white pr, choreography, acting, media training, communication and public speaking skills, competitive debate, styling, make up tips, meditation, endurance training, nutrition, fitness and accelerated science, technology, engineering and math courses. For more information visit

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