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January 25, 2007 12:27 ET

America to Stop Mideast Oil Imports: Analyst

BALTIMORE, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 25, 2007 --With the Democrats having a dominating presence for the first time in 12 years, it's no wonder why more Americans tuned in to watch the drama unfold during the 2007 State of the Union Address rather than "American Idol."

The spite was so potent Tuesday night its odor seeped through my television set in Baltimore. But as divided and childish as the crowd appeared, one area that united the room was energy.

The President's plan to increase alternative and renewable fuels to 35 billion gallons by 2017 had everyone roaring in applause. And although the numbers appear optimistic, if not downright eccentric, editor Jeff Siegel talks about how one company's ready for the challenge.

Jeff explains, "A major issue is that people think renewable fuels only come from corn. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, corn is probably one of the most inefficient feedstocks available."

He continued, like a man possessed, "Up until now, most renewable fuel producers have been held hostage by commodity restrictions. For example, if a bio-diesel company uses soybeans as its feedstock... typically it cannot use anything else. And if the price of soybeans skyrocket... too bad -- they're stuck with input costs that can now kill the bottom line. But this is all about to change."

He went on, "... these guys have developed a new technology that allows bio-diesel manufacturers to produce fuel with virtually every possible feedstock. And it can be done without having to make changes to their facility or wait months to reconfigure their systems. This is absolutely huge." (Siegel’s most recent research report, “Biodiesel – The Sleeping Giant” is available here:

Late last year, we saw dozens of tiny renewable fuel companies lose steam. But with this new technology, matched with the President's recent speech, Siegel explained that there's going to be a lot more support for renewable fuel stocks as the Republicans and the Democrats compete to be the first to pass a new energy law. However, Siegel warns, "You have to know which renewable fuel stocks to buy, and which to avoid."

Siegel's advice in the renewables industry has already steered thousands to some of the most explosive companies in this market. And he's got the track record to prove it.

In his latest report, Siegel details exactly how this latest company's flexible feedstock technology is setting itself up to take the entire bio-diesel industry to the next level.

Jeff Siegel is the managing editor of "Green Chip Stocks," an investment advisory service that focuses on stocks in the renewable energies markets. Green Chip Stocks is published by Angel Publishing.

This report was filed by James McAndrew, a frequent contributor to the e-letter "Green Chip Review." Readers may receive a free copy of "Green Chip Review" and Siegel's most recent research report, "Biodiesel - The Sleeping Giant" here:

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