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February 27, 2007 09:00 ET

American Arium Announces Latest Debug Support for Intel®/AMD™ Market

Arium Releases SourcePoint™ 7.3

TUSTIN, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 --American Arium, an industry leader in hardware-assisted development tools, today announced the release of SourcePoint™ 7.3. The latest version of the company's flagship debugger is characterized primarily by updated views with improved functionality and context menus with modified or additional options.

"We are excited to bring to the table a new level of features for users developing Intel® and Advanced Micro Devices processors," said Jeff Acampora, vice-president of Sales & Marketing for Arium. "Customers will find that it improves SourcePoint functionality and gives them an even more robust debug solution."

Some of the more noticeable features include:

--  A new project wizard designed to improve the user experience during
    project loading.
--  A Viewpoint window that allows the developer to view the status of all
    processors on a multi-processor target.
--  A column in the Breakpoints window that allows for a user-defined
    breakpoint name.
--  Added functionality in the Devices and Trace views, including PCI
    register read/writes.
--  A new Upload command that can be employed for code patching, saving
    small patches made in a loaded program.
--  UEFI 2.0 Framework support.
SourcePoint 7.3/ECM-50 or ECM-XDP JTAG emulator debug solutions deliver reliable run control and, with some processors (depending on architecture), execution trace, giving the software and firmware developer unsurpassed visibility to and manipulation of code via a series of intuitive screens and dialogs with numerous viewing and customization options. SourcePoint operates in real time with all core frequencies and works with today's most popular compiler tool chains, including Framework EFI. It supports industry-standard input file formats and includes a robust C-like command language.

Contact your local sales representative for details or visit the Arium Web site at

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American Arium, a privately held corporation headquartered in Tustin, CA, is a supplier of hardware and software development tools for Intel processors, AMD processors, and ARM®-architecture processors. American Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software in BSPs, embedded applications, BIOS/EFI Framework, device drivers, and OS kernels with specific emphasis on Linux. For more information on Arium products, call (877) 508-3970, visit, or contact Jeff Acampora at

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