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June 13, 2005 14:09 ET

American Arium Helps Those Wanting to Crush the Hourglass

Arium Offers Debug Support for AMD's Dual-Core Chips

TUSTIN, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 13, 2005 -- American Arium, an industry leader in hardware-assisted development tools, today announced debug support for the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 and Opteron™ dual-core processors. The new chips contain two processors on a single piece of silicon and are designed to improve desktop and server multi-tasking performance. Arium's hardware-assisted debug solution comes in the form of the company's ECM-50 emulator and latest SourcePoint™ flagship debug interface.

"AMD touts the dual-core processor as the hourglass buster, which is an apt way to describe the primary benefit of the Athlons and Opterons," said Jeff Acampora, vice-president, Arium Sales & Marketing. "Arium offers what we believe is the definitive debug solution for all X86-based dual-core processors on the market today."

Arium debug tools for AMD's dual-core processors are the ECM-50 coupled with the company's flagship debug interface, SourcePoint™ 7.1. Together, they offer outstanding run control, giving the program and firmware developer unsurpassed visibility to and manipulation of code via a series of intuitive screens and dialogs with numerous viewing and customization options. The debug solution operates in real time with all core frequencies and works with today's most popular compiler tool chains. It supports industry-standard input file formats and includes a robust C-like command language.

Dual-core processors are the next evolution of AMD 64's Direct Connect Architecture. They are designed to deliver the performance of a multi-core processor with the same 939-pin infrastructure as the single-core AMD. The Athlon 64 X2 comes in four flavors featuring two different clock speeds, 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz, and two L2 cache sizes, 512K per core and 1MB per core, according to AMD. Dual-core processing for 32-bit applications is available in the Opteron 200 and 800 Series.

The Arium ECM-50 emulator with SourcePoint 7.1 is available now. Contact American Arium for the latest updates.

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American Arium, a privately held corporation headquartered in Tustin, CA, is a supplier of hardware and software development tools for AMD 64 processors, Intel® IA-32 and IA-64 processors, Intel XScale® processors, and ARM®-based processors. American Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software in embedded applications, BIOS/EFI Framework, device drivers, and OS kernels. For more information on Arium products, call (877) 508-3970, visit, or contact Jeff Acampora at

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