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October 16, 2008 07:00 ET

American Auto Movers Release Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Fraud

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) - American Auto Movers, a leading auto transport company, today released their tips for avoiding auto transport fraud and choosing the best auto transport company for your car shipping needs.

"There are several important things to look at when searching for a trustworthy car shipping company to transport your vehicle," said Kelsey Hughes, founder of American Auto Movers. "One of the most important indicators is if the company asks for you to prepay a deposit. Often we receive calls from people who have paid a deposit to a company that not only didn't pick up their car, but wouldn't give them back their deposit."

This typically occurs with auto shipping companies who have the "best rate" because they sub-contract your car at a price lower than the expected rate. Because it is contracted at such a low rate, the car becomes the last priority to the trucker doing the shipping. If he finds a better paying car he will simply cancel your car and take another one. The auto transport company takes your deposit, and you're left waiting with no auto transport.

To prevent this from occurring, your two best options for payment are either to pay a deposit after the vehicle is loaded on the truck and the balance to the driver on delivery, or pay the entire amount on delivery. Either way is totally acceptable and safe; after your vehicle is on the truck the trucker is responsible to deliver.

Another tip for choosing an auto transport company is to research any company with the Better Business Bureau. Look at their rating as well as their number of complaints in the last 36 months. This will allow you to properly predict if they take care of their customers.

American Auto Movers was founded after Kelsey Hughes worked for one of the top auto transport companies and saw the way most American car transport companies were operating. "Working at other auto transport companies I saw a lack of customer service and disregard for each individual's needs, and the inconveniences it caused for clients," said Hughes. "I wanted to make a company based on integrity and honesty, so I created American Auto Movers."

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American Auto Movers has a large network of professional auto transporters to get your vehicle picked up quickly and transported safely at a reasonable price. At American Auto Movers, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Every transport is planned and coordinated according to our customers' individual needs.

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