May 25, 2015 03:46 ET

American Bullion, Inc. - Reviews Powerful People and Their Insights on Gold

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 25, 2015) - Currency stability was and is a constant concern for long-term investors, since the value of the dollar is often hard to predict and easily impacted by political events that are out of our control. Gold on the other hand has always been one of the safest ways to hedge against the effects of inflation, which is why the Gold IRA experts at American Bullion, Inc. continue to focus on the precious metal as a reliable way of securing the financial future of their clients. The Los Angeles-based company has built a reputation in the industry by providing thorough reviews, full of excellent advice and valuable information, for both first-time gold buyers and seasoned investors. In the latest series of reviews the company analyzes the insights of 11 power players to get their take on the value and future potential of the commodity.

American Bullion does not only assist clients with the necessary transactions to turn savings into gold-based retirement accounts, but also strives to educate clients by providing them with continuously updated information from leading experts in the field. Whether a client is considering the purchase of physical gold products or wants to add gold to a 401(k) or an IRA, American Bullion believes that it is crucial to know where the industry is heading from the point of view of the top investors and shares these insights on their website.

Billionaire hedge fund manager, John Paulson, for example, has been proven to be quite bullish on gold. Paulson views Gold as a currency, not as a commodity [source:] , wherein the value of gold rises in importance as long as central banks around the world continue to print money. Financial commentator Peter Schiff agrees, feeling that gold is money and has intrinsic value [source:], whereas the dollar is likely to lose its value as the central government buys bad debt. Billionaire investor Eric Sprott revealed that he considers gold to still be a well-kept secret in many respects [source:] that is well worth investing in and cautions potential investors to better hurry and make their move, which is where American Bullion comes into play.

Following three easy steps, the expert team at American Bullion can process tax-free IRA Rollovers in no time. Step one is a shipping and transaction agreement that allows AB to set up an account, purchase gold on behalf of a client, and ship the gold to an IRS-approved depository. Step two is a self-directed IRA application that grants AB the right to create an account with Self-Directed IRA Services. Last but not least, AB needs a copy of the client's most recent retirement account to complete the transaction, after which the client can lean back and relax, knowing that his financial future is in the hands of true and trustworthy experts.

Founded in 2009 by Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan, American Bullion is managed by two hands-on owners who together bring more than 40 years of combined experience in gold brokering and commodities trading to the table. A US Mint nationally listed dealer, American Bullion has a far-reaching reputation as a specialist in the conversion of qualified retirement accounts to physical gold products. The company has pioneered methods to handle a gold IRA rollover or transfer as seamlessly and as professionally as possible. Always a few steps ahead of competitors, American Bullion delivers millions of dollars' worth of gold and other precious commodities in the form of bars and coins each month.

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