SOURCE: American Diversified Holdings Corporation

August 30, 2012 10:24 ET

American Diversified Holdings Corporation (ADHC) Confirms Cloud Computing Industry Growth Statistics

Forrester Research Projects Cloud Computing Market to Grow to Over $241 Billion by 2020


A recent report by Forrester Research called "Sizing The Cloud:" indicates that the cloud computing industry is projected to grow from $40 billion in 2010 to over $241 billion by 2020. This increase will provide massive opportunities for emerging cloud computer company such as ADHC's Operating subsidiary Rebel Networks.

Rebel Networks innovative products such as "Business Cloud Box" is the type of product can substantially benefit small and medium size companies looking for tailored solutions that allows customers to bundle and unbundled cloud computing services as per their corporate requirements.

Domenic Macchione, Head of Rebel Networks, was recently weighed in on the cloud computing sector and how Rebel Networks can employ the cloud to make small and medium sized business employ the cloud in a cost effective and efficient manner.

"Image customers today are trying to manage all sorts of cloud services such as email, web portals, BlackBerry, mobile apps, storage, etc. from multiple vendors with multiple passwords and logins. Now Business Cloud Box can seamlessly integrate these cloud services into a single control panel and the customer can select which components they need and create custom bundles of services to match their requirements."

Rebel Networks is a leading provider of outsourced Internet infrastructure and related managed web solutions. Rebel Networks services include the provision of managed dedicated servers, unmanaged collocation services, domain names services, reseller hosting & shared web hosting solutions with 100% server uptime for your websites. Visit today.

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