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American Dryer, Inc.

March 04, 2015 14:12 ET

American Dryer's eXtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean® Technology Kills Influenza A Virus

New Hand Dryer Revolutionizes Hand Hygiene Without Chemicals

LIVONIA, MI--(Marketwired - March 04, 2015) - American Dryer's Cold Plasma Clean (cPc®) technology, used in its premier high-speed hand dryers, recently underwent rigorous testing that confirms its power in killing influenza type A (H1N1).

American Dryer enlisted a leading national microbiology lab, Antimicrobial Test Labs (ATL), for testing. ATL, which is a GLP-compliant laboratory audited by the EPA and FDA, confirmed cPc's effectiveness against influenza type A* with kill rates up to 99.2 percent.

"With cPc, we've gone beyond hand drying," American Dryer Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jim Fisher said. "We want to combat the spread of germs, and our most recent testing affirms this commitment as well as the effectiveness of cPc. This technology is important in settings like schools, hospitals, restaurants, foodservice organizations, and many more industries."

The influenza A virus is better known as the flu. Symptoms include fever, congestion, achiness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, and fatigue. In total, the flu virus accounts for more than 35,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations each year, according to White House statistics. Costs for annual flu treatments in the United States total more than $10 billion. 

"The flu is a virus many people have concerns about because of how easily it spreads," American Dryer Vice President of Sales & Technology Mike Robert said. "We hope our dryer can make a difference. We know it's important to our customers."

Independent studies from EMSL, an elite CDC-certified lab with AIHA accreditation in industrial hygiene and environmental microbiology, and ATL have also shown effectiveness against E.coli, Staph, C.diff, MRSA, and Salmonella* with kill rates up to 99.6 percent. Furthermore, cPc technology has been independently tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and California Resource Board (CARB) standards.

American Dryer's eXtremeAir cPc® uses a generator that converts air into cold plasma through a bipolar ionization process. The generator inside the dryer uses steady state positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions. These ions, in turn, clean the air without chemicals.

Additionally, cPc technology goes beyond HEPA filtration, which simply traps mold and germs inside the dryer. cPc technology is a 100 percent solid-state, maintenance-free device. There are no expensive filters, chemicals or labor. eXtremeAir cPc dryers are compact and equipped with universal voltage and adjustable sound & speed.

Proven cold plasma technology has been successfully used to purify the air in commercial buildings since the 1930s. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine, and Boston Children's Hospital currently use it, and most recently, cold plasma has been used in medicine to treat surgical incisions and in the food processing industry to kill bacteria. The eXtremeAir cPc hand dryer has advanced this technology to kill germs during hand drying.

*Our EPA Est. No. is 091022-MI-001. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease.

Livonia, Michigan's American Dryer, Inc., established in 1952, offers the most comprehensive line of American-made hand dryers. The new eXtremeAir cPc utilizes cold plasma technology to kill germs. Its eXtremeAir eXt series is the most energy-efficient, high-speed hand dryer with industry-leading 500 watt power consumption. The patented design of the eXtremeAir gXt series makes it the most compact high-speed hand dryer available. American Dryer products are sold in over 30 countries. For more information, visit us at

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