SOURCE: American Energy Production Inc.

April 21, 2006 11:48 ET

American Energy Production Inc. Announces Update on Bend Arch Petroleum Hart #8 Natural Gas Well

MINERAL WELLS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 21, 2006 -- American Energy Production Inc. (OTC BB: AMEP) announced successful fracture stimulation by Bend Arch Petroleum's Hart #8 natural gas well on its Palo Pinto 12 well project. The completion depth of the Bend Arch Petroleum's Hart #8 reached 3257 feet the target depth of the original well plan to test the Keechi Farms Strawn sand.

The Hart #8 natural gas well was electrically logged on March 12 and petroleum engineers determined the well bore has five potential oil and natural gas formations. 51/2' casing was cemented to the total depth of 3257 feet. The Hart #8 well has been acid zed in the Keechi Farms Strawn sand and on Monday, March 27 the well was fractured stimulated. Management and treating company engineers determined the frac job was successful, and now the frac water has to be recovered to determine the natural gas flow rate. The Hart #8 well still has 150 to 170 barrels of frac fluid to recover, and the gas well flow should increase significantly. The Hart #8 has 600 PSI shut in pressure at this time. The flow line to the gas sales meter has been installed and other production equipment is ready to hook up to the well. The well should be selling natural gas in the next few days. Moving video can be seen of the Hart #8 well test flowing natural gas on a 8/64th positive choke at and

The Ideco Phantom Rig I has moved to a second well on the Palo Pinto 12 well project on a location with a Ellenberger or a Mississippi reef high, determined by the extensive seismic shoot recently completed by Bend Arch Petroleum Inc. will be the target. The seismic mapping determined the location to be 70+ feet high to other Ellenberger formations in the area. The new well will be drilled into the Ellenberger Formation, and then electric logs will determine if the unusually high formation, will be a successful oil or natural gas producer. The Barnett Shale formation is above the Ellenberger formation and engineers will determine if a horizontal completion is also available in the Barnett Shale since this location is approximately 1,000 feet from the Murphy #1 Barnett Shale well that has produced over $1,000,000.00 since July of 2004.

Charles Bitters, President of American Energy Production Inc., stated, "The Company is very excited with the opportunities that the Phantom Rig I will give Bend arch Petroleum and Oil America Group to drill and participate in many new natural gas wells and oil wells. We believe the Company will expand its operations dramatically in the next few months."

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