April 30, 2007 12:50 ET

American Megatrends Introduces Space-Saving Enclosure Management Controller Chip

MegaRAC MG9073S Measures Only 9x9 mm and Does Not Require Crystal

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 30, 2007 -- American Megatrends, a leader in computing innovations, today introduced a new enclosure management controller chip designed to save board space, the MegaRAC MG9073S.

AMI experience in designing storage and server system converged in creating a versatile, space-saving and cost-effective integrated enclosure management controller chip for storage and server systems.

"After years of designing backplanes for major OEMs, using a combination of off-the-shelf products for enclosure management, we started developing our own chips," said Clas Sivertsen, Engineering Director at AMI. "This is the 3rd generation product, where we have really focused on feature integration, size and flexibility in configurations. With this part we can save the customer cost and space by not having to add external crystal, temp sensor, EEPROM or flash. This is a great product for high-volume OEMs that need a small and powerful controller for server or storage backplanes, as well as smaller companies that need a simple-to-use drop-in part without having to hassle through specs, protocols and trying to get support from HBA-vendors."

AMI MegaRAC MG9073S drives LEDs and monitors drive presence for up to 8 SAS or SATA drives, supporting drive activity, locate and fail indications. The chip includes 2 SGPIO ports and is equipped with one SMBus channel for connection with a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) or Service Processor. Two MG9073S chips can be cascaded on the same SGPIO channel to support up to 16 drives.

MegaRAC MG9073S brings several advantages to the OEMs and ODMs that integrate it onto their backplanes, helping to optimize backplane layout at contained costs. The chip comes in a very small package, measuring just 9x9 millimeters, and includes one internal temperature sensor. MG9073S does not require an external crystal oscillator, clock, EEPROM, Flash or temperature sensor.

The chip is exceptionally versatile, being pin-configurable for up to 16 configurations. Seven reference configurations are already available from AMI -- other solutions can be devised upon OEM needs.

AMI offers also other enclosure management controllers for SAS/SATA backplanes, providing a variety of configurations utilizing the main enclosure management protocols:

--  MegaRAC 9070, providing LED management for up to 4 drives, featuring
    enclosure management protocol SGPIO or Promise Protocol for SATA Host Bus
--  MegaRAC 9071 providing LED, temperature and fan management for up to 4
    drives, with support for SGPIO or SES-2 enclosure management protocol
--  MegaRAC 9072 providing LED, temperature and fan management for up to 8
    drives, with support for SGPIO or SES-2 enclosure management protocol
AMI built strong relationships within the storage and server industry along the years, thanks to its successful line of RAID controllers and to continuous technology innovations in the field of server management. Leading HBA vendors, such as Adaptec, AMCC, Intel, LSI Logic, NVIDIA and HighPoint work with AMI to ensure product compatibility.

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