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April 18, 2011 14:37 ET

American Pulse™: #1 Word to Describe Temporary Government Funding: "Mess"

8 in 10 Want Lower Taxes, Reduced Government Spending

WORTHINGTON, OH--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - Leaders in Washington agreed to cut federal spending by $39 billion, the largest annual spending cut in our nation's history. However, what President Obama called a "worthwhile compromise" received a more negative response among American Voters. While "compromise" was the #2 word to describe this deal, "mess" topped the list, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,207 respondents. "Insufficient," "ridiculous" and "stupid" followed:

What one word would you use to describe this deal? (Registered Voters)
Top 10


Source: American Pulse™ Apr-11

Further, 62.4% of Registered Voters don't think the proposed spending cut of $39 billion is enough -- there still need to be more cuts. 75.5% of Registered Republicans, 68.8% of Independents and 47.5% of Democrats agree.

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69.6% of Voters somewhat/strongly agree they will not see a resolution to the debt issue in their lifetime. Registered Republicans (75.1%) are the most pessimistic. 74.1% of Independents and 62.2% of Democrats agree. 38.8% of Registered Voters think this compromise on the temporary budget is a sign that the government is trying -- Registered Democrats (47.3%) are most likely to agree.

When it comes to taxes and government spending, voters want both to be low. 79.2% of Registered Voters would opt for lower taxes and a reduction in government spending, and this philosophy appears to be accepted across political parties:

When it comes to federal government spending, which philosophy do you tend to agree with most?
Raise taxes so that the federal government can continue to spend more9.9%4.8%15.6%8.7%
Lower/keep taxes status quo and reduce government spending79.2%89.6%70.3%81.2%
I don't know10.9%5.5%14.1%10.0%
Source: American Pulse™ Apr-11

A majority of each party agrees that government spending needs to be cut -- but which party is more serious about making cuts? According to Registered Voters, there appears to be more confidence on the right: 40.7% say the Republican party is serious while 35.3% say Democrats are serious.

What else has Americans fired up? Take a look at their feelings on inflation, unemployment and rising gasprices:

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