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September 22, 2009 13:42 ET

American Pulse: 4 in 5 Americans Say Recession Not Over, Healthcare Reform More Socialist Than Capitalist

Americans Say Government Has No Right to Force People to Buy Health Insurance, U.S. Losing International Status

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - An overwhelming majority of Americans appear to disagree with Fed Chairman Bernanke's statement that the recession is 'likely over' as 78% say it isn't, according to the latest American Pulse Survey of 6,976 Americans. 76% of Democrats, 84% of Republicans and 75.6% of Independents concur, making this one subject that all parties can agree upon.

On the flip side, no issue divides Democrats, Republicans and Independents more than healthcare. A majority of Democrats say the reform would improve healthcare overall, Republicans say it would put too much control with the government and Independents believe it wouldn't solve healthcare problems.

Based on what you know about the pending healthcare reform, do you
 believe...? (Check all that apply)

                           Adults 18+  Republicans  Democrats  Independents
It would improve           31.4%       11.3%        51.5%      31.6%
 healthcare system
It would put too much      41.1%       68.7%        18.1%      42.7%
 control with the
It would not solve the     46.7%       68.4%        25.8%      50.0%
 healthcare problems

Source: BIGresearch, American Pulse - Sept 09

However, all parties tend to lean towards the healthcare reform being more socialist than capitalist. On a five point scale with 1 being "very capitalist" and 5 being "very socialist," Republicans average 3.8, Independents average 3.4 and Democrats average 3.1. All respondents average 3.4.

Other findings:

--  75.5% say government doesn't have right to force someone to buy health
    insurance...12.9% say it does, 11.6% aren't sure.
--  66.7% say U.S. is losing status as an international power. Of those
    who think so, 34.3% list China as most likely to emerge as new superpower.
--  50.3% say they would vote to re-elect their Congressperson, 49.7% say
    they wouldn't.
--  Kennedy most respected President among Democrats with an average of
    4.4 (on a five point scale). George W. Bush is the least respected with an
    average of 1.8. Reagan most respected among Republicans (4.5), whereas
    Obama ranks the least (2.1).
--  58.2% say senior citizens are valued less now than in the past, 24%
    say they are valued the same, 17.8% say more.
--  48.4% think "rude is the new norm" (in light of recent celebrity
    outbursts), 35.1% say no, 16.5% don't know.

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