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September 20, 2010 13:51 ET

American Pulse™: 68% of Excited Voters Say Obama's Policies Have Not Stabilized Economy; 61% Believe Expiration of Tax Cuts Bad for Recovery

Energized Voters Using Media More to Gather Information on Candidates in 2010

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) - It's likely that voters who are more passionate about issues are more inclined to vote. And according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,047 respondents, close to two in five Americans (38%) are somewhat/very excited to vote in the November elections. Any candidate running a campaign should understand this voter group including what their hot button issues are and how best to communicate with them.

Overall, 61.5% of excited voters are unhappy/totally unhappy with their government, compared to 55.1% of registered voters. Excited voters are more likely to believe that President Obama's policies have not "stabilized the economy" at 67.7% (v.64% of registered voters). And more excited voters (60.7%) say that if the Bush administration's tax cuts are not extended that it will hurt the economic recovery (v. 52.2%).

Expiration of tax cuts are also more likely to impact spending of excited voters (48.2%) than registered voters (44.2%). For free complimentary report including which areas would be impacted:

So how does this discontent translate to the polls? If the congressional elections were held today, Republicans have a clear lead among excited voters.

If the Congressional Elections were held today, would  you be more likely to vote for a...? (Excited Voters)
Democrat 35.1%
Republican 50.2%
Other party 6.7%
I don't know 8.0%

Some democratic candidates appear to be distancing themselves from President Obama and possibly for good reason, as excited voters currently give the President low grades on issues such as the economy and job creation.

President Obama's Grades (Excited Voters)      
  A B C D F
Economy 7.2% 18.2% 15.6% 14.2% 44.8%
Job Creation 6.6% 14.2% 16.8% 14.0% 48.4%

The majority of excited voters (56.6%) prefer that candidates communicate their positions through debates on TV. Further, excited voters appear to be more informed using all forms of media at a higher rate in 2010 than in 2008 to gather information.

Did you or will you use any of the following media to get information on the candidates? (Excited Voters)  
  I use/plan to I used in
  use in 2010 2008
TV 74.3% 69.5%
Internet 69.1% 57.7%
Newspaper 57.8% 53.8%
Word of Mouth 50.4% 45.8%
Radio 39.0% 35.5%
Email 41.3% 34.3%
Direct Mail 35.1% 33.5%
Magazines 26.5% 25.3%
Social Media 23.9% 17.2%
Blogging 18.2% 12.8%
Text Messages 8.1% 6.9%

Further, an overwhelming majority (83.8%) of excited voters says that "get-out-the-vote" advertising campaigns do not influence who they vote for or if they will vote (77.4%).

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