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March 22, 2010 14:29 ET

American Pulse™: Overwhelming Majority Have Little Faith in Government Policies on Jobs and Economy

Majority Disappointed or Appalled at President Obama's Performance So Far

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - March 22, 2010) -  With all the focus on the massive overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, it's no surprise that 77.2% of Americans have little to no confidence that the government's economic policies will help lower unemployment, according to the latest American Pulse™ survey of 5,061 Americans. Further, 71.6% have little to no confidence that current economic policies will get the economy back on track.

It also appears that Americans continue to believe government spending is out of control. When asked to write in what one word they would use to describe government spending, excessive tops the list followed by outrageous, ridiculous, wasteful and irresponsible. 

While 53.6% are disappointed/appalled regarding President Obama's performance so far, 33.4% are satisfied and 13% are very pleased or pleasantly surprised.

Regarding President Obama's performance so far, are you...?

  Adults 18+   Registered Voters   Registered Republicans   Registered Democrats   Registered Independents  
Very Pleased 8.7 % 8.6 % 4.0 % 17.3 % 4.8 %
Pleasantly Surprised 4.3 % 4.0 % 1.7 % 7.0 % 2.3 %
Satisfied 33.4 % 32.2 % 11.9 % 47.4 % 34.6 %
Disappointed 30.4 % 29.6 % 36.3 % 22.0 % 30.3 %
Appalled 23.2 % 25.5 % 46.1 % 6.3 % 28.0 %

Source: American Pulse, Mar-10

When asked if the Presidential election were held today, who they would vote for, 35.6% of registered voters would select President Obama while 39.5% would select a generic Republican Party candidate. 24.9% are undecided.

On a lighter note, 31.2% say they planned to fill out a bracket for college basketball's March Madness (either to win cash/prizes or just for fun). The American Pulse bracket took a hit (along with most of the country) with most having picked Kansas to win it all. Kentucky had the second most votes, followed by Duke.

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