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March 09, 2011 11:50 ET

American Pulse™: Republicans, Democrats, Independents Agree: Not Enough Is Being Done to Cut Federal Spending

Consensus Among Parties: Borrowing More to Pay Down National Debt Unwise

WORTHINGTON, OH--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - 69.4% of Registered Voters agree that national debt is a major problem in the United States, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,224 respondents. A majority of Registered Voters among all parties agree that Congress, Senate and the Obama administration are not doing enough to cut federal spending:

Do you think either of the following are doing enough to cut federal spending? (Check all that apply)

    Voters   Republicans   Democrats   Independent/Other
Congress   15.5%   17.3%   18.0%   11.4%
Senate   11.9%   11.0%   15.4%   9.2%
Obama administration   20.6%   13.5%   32.8%   14.8%
None of the above   68.4%   73.4%   54.6%   77.6%

Source: American Pulse™ Mar-11

The Obama administration is given more credit for cutting spending by Registered Democrats, while the Senate receives the lowest scores across all parties.

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79.5% of Registered Voters agree that borrowing money to pay down the national debt is not wise and will only add more debt. 88.5% of Registered Republicans, 82.2% of Independent/Other Voters and 68.5% of Democrats feel the same.

7 in 10 (70.2%) Voters do not think Congress should use taxpayer money to bail out states that are in debt. 78.9% of Republicans, 71.9% of Independent/Other Voters and 60.4% of Democrats agree.

About half of all Voters also agree that saving and paying down personal debt can help the economy:

Due to the recession, Americans overall are trying to save more and pay down debt. Do you think this will help economic recovery?

      Voters   Republicans   Democrats   Independent/Other
Yes, help it     51.4%   55.0%   50.6%   49.1%
No, hurt it     23.2%   21.7%   25.9%   21.8%
I don't know     25.4%   23.3%   23.5%   29.1%

Source: American Pulse™ Mar-11

Despite this optimism, only 22.8% of Registered Voters indicate they are saving more than they did last year, while 41.5% are saving the same and 35.7% say they are saving less. Also, 3 in 10 (31.0%) say their personal debt is higher this year compared to last year, while 43.7% indicate their debt is the same. 1 in 4 (25.3%) say they have less debt than one year ago.

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