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January 26, 2011 16:47 ET

American Pulse™: State of the Union Not as Important as State of Your State

Americans Most Worried in Illinois, California and Michigan

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - Three in five (61.3%) Americans believe the state they live in may be in financial trouble and unable to meet service requirements to its residents (versus 29.2% who do not), according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,206 respondents. It appears that residents of Illinois are the most concerned followed by California and Michigan. New York and New Jersey round out the top five.

Are you concerned that the state you live in may be in financial trouble and unable to meet service obligations to its residents? (Top 20 States by Population Ranked by Percent Concerned)

Illinois 82.7%
California 80.0%
Michigan 78.4%
New York 74.4%
New Jersey 73.7%
Arizona 70.6%
Washington 66.1%
North Carolina 65.6%
Ohio 64.9%
Pennsylvania 61.0%
Georgia 60.8%
Massachusetts 59.7%
Wisconsin 58.9%
Florida 54.9%
Missouri 54.4%
Maryland 50.2%
Tennessee 47.6%
Indiana 44.3%
Texas 40.6%
Virginia 40.0%

Source: American Pulse™, Jan-11

Further, of the key states profiled, those who live in Massachusetts and Illinois are most likely to say that the U.S. economy is very bad and doomed to fail at 25.8% and 23.3%, respectively. For complete complimentary report including the top 20 states by population:

Other key findings among Americans 18+

  • 34.7% of Americans 18+ think Congress is capable of cutting government spending to reduce the federal deficit, 43.4% do not -- 21.9% say it's just words.
  • 51.2% say deficits will cause a burden on future generations and will lower the standard of living.
  • 51.3% think Democrats and Republicans aren't capable of working together to solve the fiscal crisis, 26.6% believe they can and 22.2% don't know.
  • 45.2% think the healthcare reform should be repealed, 32.8% don't and 22% don't know.
  • 75.4% think the world is becoming more dangerous -- 20.6% say there is no difference from the past.
  • 60% believe that the world won't be safer for future generations, 11.5% say it will and 28.4% don't know.

American Pulse™
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