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April 22, 2007 09:00 ET

Americans Should Recycle Their Computers, Not Their Data

CBL Data Recovery Urges Corporations and Individuals to Safely Dispose of Computer Hardware Without Leaving Private Data on Hard Drives

ARMONK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 22, 2007 -- With Earth Day approaching, many Americans are thinking about recycling. And with new technology constantly being introduced to the market, thoughts turn to recycling computers. However, both corporations and individuals alike are not always taking the necessary precautions to completely eliminate information from hard drives when they dispose of their computers.

Before computers are donated to charities, resold or placed on the curb for garbage pick up, the hard drives of computers should be wiped of sensitive, private information. Data contained on non-functioning computers could fall into the wrong hands much to the embarrassment of the previous user.

"Even though data can be lost due to physical damage or human error, it's not irretrievable," says Bill Margeson, president and CEO of CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. "That's why it's especially important that computers changing hands, either for reuse or disposal, are properly cleansed of all personal information."

Many people think that repeatedly deleting data, repartitioning or reformatting the hard drive are sufficient means to render data inaccessible. In reality, until data is actually overwritten by new information or a signal, it can be recovered by programs that read disk sectors directly. The only infallible ways to destroy data or make it completely inaccessible are to degauss, wipe the drive, overwrite files or to simply destroy the storage media itself.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies offers a free application for Windows that eliminates the possibility of resurrecting computer data. CBL Data Shredder provides a variety of destruction techniques of differing levels of security and convenience. CBL Data Shredder techniques satisfy the Royal Canadian Mounted Police DSX Method, the U.S. Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M, as well as the German BSI Verschlussachen-IT-Richtlinien (VSITR) Standard. To download CBL Data Shredder for Windows, go to

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