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July 08, 2008 10:03 ET

Americans Think McCain More Sincere in Campaign Promises Than Obama, According to June American Pulse Survey

Majority Say Senators Campaigning for Presidential Nomination During Primaries Neglected Duties

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - In a political arena where it's normal for politicians to flip-flop on the issues and make campaign promises only to get votes, it's interesting to see how the two candidates for the top office measure up in terms of their sincerity. According to the June American Pulse Survey of 4,082 respondents, half of Americans (50.6%) say John McCain is somewhat/very sincere in his campaign promises, compared to 42.5% who say the same about Barack Obama. McCain also fares better when it comes to credibility in his pledges among Independents who may hold the key in a close race this November.

Somewhat/Very Sincere in Campaign Promises

           All Adults     Republicans     Democrats     Independents
McCain       50.6%           80.0%          32.8%          50.4%
Obama        42.5%           23.8%          60.6%          44.1%

Source: American Pulse, Jun 08

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According to the survey, 52.4% of Americans say that the Senators aspiring to be the next President of the United States neglected their Senatorial duties as they crisscrossed the nation throughout the primaries. One quarter (25.2%) say the Presidential hopefuls did not ignore their responsibilities while on the campaign trail.

And now that Hillary Clinton has suspended her campaign, what impact did her run have for women with an eye on the Oval Office? More than half (56.2%) say she helped pave the way for future female candidates, while 32.2% say her campaign did not have an effect. Conversely, 1 in 10 (11.6%) say Clinton's showing in the primaries hurt the chances for a female to be elected president.

Other key findings:

--  Close to half (49.1%) fear terrorists could infiltrate the Oval
    Office, Congress, CIA, FBI or other high-powered government offices.
--  59.7% say the time has come for a viable third party in American
--  Close to half (47.8%) say that the current U.S. Congress of 100
    Senators and 435 House Representatives is enough representation to
    accurately reflect a growing, diverse U.S. population... 31.8% think
    present representation is not sufficient.

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