SOURCE: Wealth Mentor Linda P. Jones

Wealth Mentor Linda P. Jones

April 10, 2012 10:00 ET

America's Wealth Mentor Linda P. Jones Hosts Live Event and Explains Why Your Fortune Is in Silver

PALM SPRINGS, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 10, 2012) - In this uncertain economy, many have concerns about their financial future and are uncomfortable making fiscal decisions. For those who want to build wealth intelligently, CEO and Founder of the Global Institute of Wealth for Women Linda P. Jones is holding a Be Wealthy and Smart Intensive: Secrets to Make Money and Become Wealthy on Purpose! This event will take place June 28 to June 30 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California, and it will help entrepreneurs and professionals learn how to move their wealth forward by having their own businesses and through investments. Topics covered include "Create Your World of Wealth," "Wealth Building Secrets of Billionaires" and "Life Purpose: Use Your Passion and Purpose to Build Wealth!," among others. Men and women attending the event will also experience the feeling of being wealthy while learning about wealth.

Featured speakers at this three-day event include:

  • Lissa Boles, who will discuss the "Jupiter Midas Effect" that is changing the way we deal with money on the planet, and discovering your soul map to make money by discovering your life's purpose and fulfilling it;
  • Lisa Cherney will share her secrets to easily attract more ideal clients with "juicy marketing words";
  • Lisa Elia will discuss how to gain high-level publicity that will position you for financial success;
  • and Kate Fessler will share self-care techniques for entrepreneurs to treat yourself like the king or queen that you are and achieve high levels of productivity and profitability.

Jones' fascination with how money grows led her to make her first million dollars at age 38. After 25 successful years in the financial industry, Jones researched behind the scenes what caused the financial crisis of 2008 and was shocked to learn what was really going on and how vastly it differed from what was being reported in the general media. Jones concluded that:

"The economy and financial markets repeat in regular, rhythmic, and predictable cycles, and understanding them is the key to building wealth.

"Economic cycles are good places to grow wealth for many years until they peak in financial bubbles, such as tech in the '90s and real estate in the 2000s.

"The biggest bubble in history is being caused by unprecedented worldwide sovereign debt expansion that we're building toward now, and there's still great potential to become wealthy!"

The next big bubble the expert foresees is in precious metals and foremost in silver, which she believes will continue to appreciate at its rapid pace because it is extremely rare and it will experience increasing demand due to its use in technology products and currency. Since silver is inexpensive, anyone can invest in it, but financial advisors rarely recommend it because they usually focus on stocks, bonds and cash, not necessarily the best places to build substantial wealth, according to Jones, who contends that they will continue to perform poorly throughout the remainder of this decade.

The Be Wealthy and Smart Intensive event includes: a dinner buffet, three buffet lunches, poolside champagne social, prizes from Tiffany & Co., simulated lottery winnings, and more. There is an early registration price of $497 for the three-day event for people who register now (reg. $1,997). Jones provides free video tips on building wealth in a poor economy and for information on the event, visit

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