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March 16, 2016 09:00 ET

Americover, a Leading Distributor of Plastic Sheeting and Plastic Films, Is Proud to Announce the Launch of Their Black Out Light Deprivation Cover BOLD

ESCONDIDO, CA --(Marketwired - March 16, 2016) - Americover, a leading distributor of plastic sheeting and plastic films, is proud to announce the launch of their Black Out Light Deprivation cover BOLD. The BOLD cover is used in aquaponics, hydroponics and greenhouse systems. Light deprivation covers have a long history of high costs and flimsy manufacturing, compromising the farming cycle for consecutive generations. The BOLD cover is significantly stronger and more tear resistant than standard 8-mil poly film. It is the most durable lightweight black out light deprivation tarp on the market today.

Organic Certifiable and 100% Light Deprivation

Americover's BOLD cover is made in the US with 100% virgin resin and will not off-gas in the growing environment that could potentially poison the plants. The BOLD cover is comprised of a complete "black-out" layer on the inside, and a white outside layer that is "100% reflective," reducing heat and condensation build-up. These two innovations together mean less disruption during the farming cycle leading to increased crop production and revenue. 

Tear resistance is another important feature of the BOLD cover which consists of a layer of polyester scrim between two high-strength virgin polyethylene film sheets laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. The diamond shaped pattern of the scrim surrounds tears and stops the material from ripping. This increased strength, coupled with UV inhibitors from the white outer layer, extends the product's service life by approximately 75% compared to other light deprivation covers.

The BOLD cover can protect equipment and delicate plants from wind, sun, and heavy rain because BOLD can withstand both extreme hot (up to 180° F) and cold (as low as -70° F) temperature climates. The organic-certifiable and FDA-compliant product is available in custom sizes to fit any greenhouse. 

Product Availability

In terms of product specification, BOLD stands out against its competitors and Americover's extensive service capabilities allow for ease of purchase and shipping. Each BOLD cover has the option to ship stock sizes within 1-3 business days and drop ship directly to either distributor and/or customer locations.

The Future of Light Deprivation

Kevin Jodrey, Founder of Golden Tarp Awards, stated, "light deprivation has gone from virtually zero to almost 20%-25% of the outdoor market." Jodrey expects light deprivation to continue its rapid growth and gain well over 40% of the market share within the next year or so.

Tevan Riedel, President and Founder of Americover, concurs, "We conducted a study for three years and realized the potential of our product. We introduced the BOLD product to a large growing area in the fall of last year and it is quickly gaining popularity in the cannabis growing industry for greenhouses." Americover was one of the proud sponsors of the Golden Tarp Awards last year and the Ganjier's Spring Kick-Off this year. BOLD debuted in Hightimes Magazine and is quickly gaining popularity in the growing community for its outstanding durability and service life.

About Americover: Americover is a privately-held organization founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1995 by Tevan Riedel, President. Americover's mission is to provide personalized, function driven products, designed to address the temporary protection needs of its customers. Over that past 22 years, Americover has become a leader in specialty plastic sheeting, offering hundreds of products and servicing global markets.

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