Amfeltec Corporation

Amfeltec Corporation

November 26, 2013 08:00 ET

Amfeltec Corporation Announces Completion of Its Line of System Timers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 26, 2013) - Amfeltec Corporation, a leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world's diverse electronics markets, announced today the completion of its product line of hardware voice synchronization System Timers.

This family of products makes Amfeltec the go-to producer for the only complete line of the most popular system timers on today's market. In addition to the existing PCI Express and PCI, Amfeltec has created the USB and the Mini PCI Express System Timers.

A problem, that many users encounter today, has to do with utilization of the most affordable, cost-effective motherboards. Such boards feature a variety of interface options, but not a lot of physical slots per interface. Some of these slots quickly become occupied, resulting in a rapid loss of interface options.

"We have been steadily implementing Amfeltec's PCIe voice synchronization system timers in our call centers for over two years" said Matt Florell, President and CEO of VICIdial Group. "Their complex approach gives us reassurance and the freedom to switch to other interfaces down the road, should we need it."

This product line now has one universal driver for all four timers. This means that a transfer from one timer to another will not require a software adjustment. Furthermore, Amfeltec considers engineering support vital for such products, and has ensured that today's DAHDI ( and the latest Linux Kernel are supported. The company regularly monitors updates of such software, to warrant maximum compatibility.

"Flexibility and stability are vital in the telecom industry," says Michael Feldman, President and CTO of Amfeltec Corp. "It is practical to have the freedom of switching from one interface to another. When such a change becomes necessary, it is good to know that the hardware transition will not hinder the process. Our line of System Timers ensures that this is possible."

The new USB System Timer is the smallest USB system timer on the market; it can be mounted both on the exterior and interior of a machine. The new Mini PCI Express timer features a PCI Express interface (as opposed to the original's USB interface), and is available in half or full size.

A timer is a critical component in any telecom system for one simple reason: it acts as a very reliable and accurate timing source for total system synchronization. Amfeltec's system timers are essential for users who are building a demanding system without PSTN hardware, but with mandatory stability and accuracy.

All timers are now in full production. For additional information please visit the company website at

About AMFELTEC Corporation:

The company was incorporated in 2005, and is the leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world's diverse markets that include telecom and electronics sectors.

Amfeltec is a Canadian company. At its core is a small team of dedicated engineers who have a big passion for electronics and software. Most of Amfetec's products are covered by one or more United States patents.

About VICIdial Group:

The VICIdial Group was founded in 2007 to provide an array of professional products and services to the rapidly growing national and international VICIdial user community. The VICIdial Group began offering its VICIhost solution that same year.

The original creator and primary developer of VICIdial, Matt Florell, started the VICIdial Group along with several other VICIdial consultants, who had all been operating independently.

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