AMFELTEC Corporation

AMFELTEC Corporation

January 19, 2011 09:02 ET

AMFELTEC Corporation Launches Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 19, 2011) - AMFELTEC Corporation (, a leading provider of equipment dedicated to hardware/software development and electronic design manufacturing, has launched a new Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane that supports the following interfaces:

  • 32-bit PCI interface
  • x16 PCI Express (4 lanes)
  • ExpressCard® interface
  • MiniPCI interface
  • MiniPCI Express interface
  • PMC interface

The Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane is the newest addition to the existing line of AMFELTEC Expansion Backplanes. It was developed to support hardware and software designers who need to plug add-in cards with different interfaces into the host computer. 

This new Backplane is powered by a standard 12V power supply and connects with the host computer via a standard CAT6 cable and an x1 PCI Express host card or ExpressCard® host card.

The Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane allows users to expand their system by plugging in additional peripheral add-in cards with different host interfaces. The Expansion Backplane introduces a number of additional features over existing expansion systems:

  • Hot-swap replacement of add-in cards without powering down host computer
  • Overcurrent protection per each expansion slot/interface
  • Easy access to the PCI/PCI Express JTAG signals for plug-in JTAG emulators
  • Supports AMFELTEC In-Circuit Programmer/Loader Easy Loader™
  • Easy access to PCI bus signals
  • Mechanical stabilization (U.S. Patent 7,255,570) for add-in PCI Express cards in cases where it cannot be held by the bracket.

"Our Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane has come about from years of engineering and system development experience," says Alexander Feldman, Product Manager at AMFELTEC Corporation. "Using Expansion Backplanes eliminates the risk of damage to the host computer during debugging, programming and testing PCI/PCI Express cards--and at the same time the host computer can be removed from the testing area to free up space. As an additional benefit, using the Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane is a fast and easy way to plug in peripheral add-in cards with different types of host interfaces, which is very useful for hardware/software development as well as for tech-support and marketing/sales presentations".

The Multi-Interface Expansion Backplanes are in full production today. A standard package includes:

  • User manual
  • Multi-Interface Expansion Backplane
  • Host interface card (x1 PCI Express or ExpressCard®)
  • Hot-swap software under Windows, Linux and FreeBSD OS

Additional information can be found by visiting the company website at

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