AMFELTEC Corporation

AMFELTEC Corporation

September 04, 2007 08:30 ET

AMFELTEC Corporation Launches PCI/PCI Express Extender Suite

Hardware developed for today's engineering designs and needs

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 4, 2007) - AMFELTEC Corporation (, a leading provider of equipment dedicated to hardware/software development and electronic design manufacturing, has launched its latest line of extenders that includes "32-bit PCI Bus Active Extender", "One Link (x1) PCI Express Bus Active Extender" and "32-bit PCI Bus to One Link (x1) PCI Express Bus Adapter".

PCI and PCI Express Bus Extenders allow the user to have full access to add-on boards within an open computer chassis. While inside the host system, boards can be replaced without having to power down the entire system during product development or production cycle.

In addition to standard features found on other extenders such as local and external power sources, over voltage and over current protection, AMFELTEC has introduced a number of unique features:

- PCI/PCI Express Extenders include the patented "acute extender card" technology. This feature allows electronic components (boards) testing without limiting external cable access to the test board.

- The "PCI Express Extender" and "PCI to PCI Express Bus Adapter" have patented "additional support tabs". This feature helps to mechanically stabilize the PCI Express test board in cases where it cannot be held by the bracket and by the PCI Express connector.

"Our PCI/PCI Express Extender Suite has been developed from years of engineering experience and has been deployed extensively in-house to develop various electronic products," says AMFELTEC Corporation President and CTO Michael Feldman. "It is expected to meet the engineering community specific needs when new products are being developed from the ground up."

In today's market most electronic designs use programmable devices like FPGAs, CPLDs and FLASH. In anticipation of this market trend the AMFELTEC PCI/PCI Express Extender Suite includes an integrated Universal Byte Blaster to support JTAG, I2C and SPI device programming.

The PCI/PCI Express Extender Suite is in full production today.

- 32-bit PCI Extender: $395.00 USD
- One link (x1) PCI Express Extender: $698.00 USD
- 32-bit PCI to one link (x1) PCI Express Adapter: $250.00 USD

Standard package includes: user manual, full schematic, VHDL source code for programmable logic and open-source software under Windows, Linux and FreeBSD OS.

Additional information can be found by visiting the company website

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Founded in 1989 and Incorporated in 2004, AMFELTEC is a privately held company dedicated to the electronic design and engineering support of electronic manufactures. Having decades of expertise from highly qualified hardware and software engineers in fully equipped design and testing facilities, AMFELTEC continues to develop new products built to enable design engineers to quickly asses their projects. The products also give contract manufactures and process engineers the ability to offer programming and engineering support for the designed products with relative ease.

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