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Second Cup Income Fund
Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge

October 27, 2009 08:00 ET

Amidst a Global Recession, Inspired Over 20,200 Ontario Residents to Buy the Person Behind Them Their Cup of Coffee

The world's largest single-day "Pay It Backward" event took place at over 170 Second Cup cafes and raised $15,000 for SickKids Foundation

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 27, 2009) - This past September 30th, Daily Challenge hosted a wildly successful Pay It Backward Day event in conjunction with The Second Cup Ltd, Silk Soy Beverage and Ivanhoe Cambridge to benefit SickKids Foundation. On the day of the event, participants were invited to visit any of the province's 170+ participating Second Cup cafés and offer to 'Pay It Backward' by buying the person behind them in line their order. Every time this happened, The Second Cup Ltd, Silk Soy Beverage and Ivanhoe Cambridge agreed to donate a collective $5 up to a maximum of $5000 each to SickKids Foundation. Essentially, Daily Challenge utilized a blend of social and traditional media to inspire and mobilize thousands of Do Gooders across Ontario to make a difference through small acts of 'coffee kindness.' 

Based on the Daily Challenge's last Pay It Backward Day event – which took place on April 4th of this year - they were expecting approximately 3,000 people to "Pay It Backward" on the 30th. With the final count in from The Second Cup Ltd, the grand total of Do Gooder participants stands at 20,287. Darius Bashar, co-founder of Daily Challenge comments on the surreal impact of the event, "When the numbers started rolling in, we knew we had really struck a chord with Canadians. The top three locations had over 3,000 people participate! It was an amazing thing to be a part of." The event sponsors were just as enamored with the results of the event as its founders were. Natasha Mackow of Second Cup states, "The Pay It Backward Day event far surpassed our expectations. We are very proud to have been a part of this initiative and are excited to see where the future will take us with it."

Pay It Backward Day stands out from many charitable events through its ability to put a unique and refreshing spin on fundraising. While the event not only raised thousands for SickKids Foundation, it was rooted in an even greater purpose: to foster relationships within the community by encouraging over 20,200 people to interact with each other through a simple act of kindness. Commenting on the hugely prevalent desire to 'do good' in today's society, a Silk Soy Beverage representative states, "Pay It Backward Day was a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the type of attitudes and beliefs that embody the Silk brand. We couldn't have been happier to join Second Cup for this admirable event."

Founded in November 2008, Daily Challenge has become a web-based community for socially conscious users in over 180 cities worldwide. Capitalizing on the exponential reach and power of social media, the network has used the web to inspire over 40,000 acts of kindness to date. Ultimately, Daily Challenge hopes to spread the message that by uniting over small acts of kindness, we can create a big impact - and eventually change the world.

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