July 14, 2011 12:05 ET

AMIMON Opens WHDI Authorized Testing Center to Ensure Seamless Interoperability Among Manufacturers

WHDI ATC Drives the WHDI Standard's Growth and Development of a True Multi-Vendor Ecosystem

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - AMIMON, the market leader in wireless HD and universal mobile connectivity, announced today the opening of its first WHDI Authorized Testing Center (WHDI ATC) as an essential part of the growth of the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) standard and its multi-vendor ecosystem.

Located in Herzliya, Israel, the WHDI ATC will implement thorough testing of WHDI products that are changing the way consumers view HD content from mobile devices by wirelessly delivering interactive HD video from any device to any display.

"The opening of the WHDI ATC is a key piece for moving the WHDI standard forward," said David Shefler VP of Marketing, AMIMON. "Many devices have implemented WHDI technology, but it is only through officially tested devices bearing the WHDI logo that we can achieve a true multi-vendor ecosystem."

In the current wireless HD ecosystem, solutions are typically sold as a locked pair, without the ability to add additional source and display devices or to interoperate with devices from other manufacturers. By allowing all devices to connect automatically to each other, WHDI increases the value of each of the devices in the home.

To ensure the capabilities of WHDI standard products from different manufacturers, products must meet the WHDI Compliance Test Specification for compliance, performance and interoperability. Those devices that withstand the WHDI standard testing requirements will be approved to carry the WHDI logo, ensuring they are capable of seamlessly connecting to any other WHDI-approved device.

The WHDI ATC also tests products for quality and range, assuring brands and their customers that WHDI products are not only compatible with the standard, but will meet consumer expectations.

"With multiple ODMs and OEMs all bringing a large number of products to market, WHDI is ready for mass adoption during 2011," said Shlomi Cohen, WHDI ATC Manager. "Our testing processes and stamp of approval will give manufacturers, retailers and consumers strong confidence in the WHDI logo and assurance that these devices will deliver a complete wireless solution for all their applications."

Manufacturers who are interested in arranging testing of WHDI products may contact the WHDI ATC at The WHDI ATC officially certified product status is available only to members of the WHDI Consortium. For more information on joining, please visit

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WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) is the only viable option available for connecting the content on all HD devices to the TV. WHDI technology enables wireless delivery of uncompressed HDTV throughout the home with video rates of up to 1080p in the 5Ghz unlicensed band. WHDI surpasses competitive technologies by providing outstanding and consistent picture quality equivalent to wired HDMI™ cable, low latency, multi-room availability and low power consumption. For more information about WHDI, visit or join the discussion on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can follow @WHDI on Twitter.

Wireless connectivity is changing the way consumers view high-definition content from mobile devices, at home and on the go. AMIMON, a market leader in wireless HD and universal mobile connectivity, is the only company in the world that is harnessing the power of mobile devices to bring their HD content to the TV screen. As a founding member of the WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) standard, AMIMON's semiconductor solutions utilize WHDI to give consumers convenience and flexibility to access and view content on devices from all manufacturers via the TV. AMIMON is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, with offices in Santa Clara, Calif.; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China. To connect with AMIMON, visit and, like WHDI on Facebook.

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