Association du marketing relationnel

Association du marketing relationnel
Segma Recherche (Unimarketing)

Segma Recherche (Unimarketing)

June 18, 2008 10:30 ET

An AMR Survey Reveals That Managing Personal & Confidential Information is Key to Relationship Marketing in Quebec

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 18, 2008) - The majority of Quebec companies do not have the knowledge required to adequately practice relationship marketing, nor protect the confidentiality of personal information. These are the principal results of a survey conducted by Segma Recherche (Unimarketing) on behalf of the Association du marketing relationnel (AMR). The survey was conducted in April 2008, among 1,000 Quebec consumers and 201 of the province's companies.

- 65.6% of Quebec consumers say that they trust the companies with which they do business to protect their personal information

- 86.9% of Quebec consumers believe that companies should always request consent before contacting them

- 33.1% of Quebec companies dedicate at least one resource to client privacy protection; among AMR members, this proportion rises to 89.7%

- 27.3% of Quebec companies have proactively taken the necessary measures to respect recent changes to the Telecommunications law which anticipates the creation of a registry for persons wishing to be excluded from telephone solicitation activities; among AMR members, this proportion rises to 72.4%

- 9.3% of Internet sites of Quebec companies respect one form or another of security attestation; among AMR members, this proportion rises to 44.8%

The Association du marketing relationnel (AMR) contends that these results must be improved in order to ensure relationship marketing best practices and the protection of the personal information of Quebec consumers. "These results clearly demonstrate that, in a context where relationship marketing is on the rise, a balance must be established between corporate practices and consumer expectations," states Bianca Barbucci, President of the AMR. "As an industry, it is our duty to apply the necessary measures to ensure the continued application of best practices as well as maintain a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with Quebec consumers."

The AMR has announced that beginning this fall it will make relationship marketing experts available to members of Quebec's Chambers of Commerce in order to raise awareness and train managers in relationship marketing best practices. In addition to promoting the principles of its code of ethics, the AMR will seek to prevent infractions and will see to the respect of consumer expectations.

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About the AMR (Association du marketing relationnel):

A not-for-profit organisation, the AMR's mission is to promote relationship marketing and contribute to the development, evolution and promotion of its industry across all of its channels. The AMR's leadership is founded on three decades of active presence on the Quebec scene. The Association numbers nearly 2,000 professionals whose collective and comprehensive marketing expertise gives the AMR a pivotal position and key perspective on media integration in Quebec. The AMR is affiliated with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and facilitates dynamic exchanges between relationship marketing's users, creators, management teams and suppliers. For further information, visit

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Segma Recherche (UniMarketing) specializes in the study, survey and strategy of direct marketing. Founded in 1996, Segma Recherche (UniMarketing) has 12 years of solid experience in the realisation of quantitative and qualitative research studies. It conducts public opinion polls for all Groupe Gesca media properties, including La Presse (Montreal), Le Soleil (Quebec), Le Droit (Ottawa), etc. Segma Recherche operates two call centres, located in Saguenay and Montreal (UniMarketel and KlienTel), whose primary mandates are for the Quebec, Canadian and American markets.

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