November 13, 2006 14:51 ET

AMREL Demonstrates an Array of Fuel Cell Test Solutions -- 2006 Fuel Cell Seminar, November 13th-17th

EL MONTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 13, 2006 -- AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE demonstrates an array of fuel cell testing solutions at the 2006 Fuel Cell Seminar (booth#505), further evidence of AMREL's commitment to the development of industry specific test solutions. Demonstrations include AMREL's zero volt and ultra-low voltage eLoad solutions for single cell testing, as well as the most cost-effective impedance measurement solutions on the market, including AMREL's Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) at under $5k.

Single cell testing typically requires dissipation to hundreds of Amps in the mV range. To complement, AMREL offers a complete line of 0-volt/near 0-volt solutions. AMREL's Zero Volt Load (ZVL) regulates up to 40Adc in a 1/2 rack 4U box, and 80Adc in a full-rack 4U box, with 60/150Vdc and 100/200/300Watt ratings. Custom variations of the ZVL ratings are available to accommodate diverse single cell design testing applications. For higher currents, AMREL's BST + eLoad solution provides 300Adc in a full-rack 4U space, additional BST can be paralleled for high-current testing paired with an equivalent current-rated eLoad. AMREL's award-winning eLoad line leads the industry with the lowest compliance voltage to maximum current rating ratio. The eLoad's water-cooled (PLW)/air-cooled (PLA) series of programmable loads provides dissipation of thousands of AMPS < @0.4Vdc. The cost-effective, ultra-low voltage (FEL) series provides dissipation at 50Adc@ < 0.4Vdc in a 60/150W package and 100Adc@ < 0.4Vdc in a 300W package.

Impedance Measurement (IM) and EIS is becoming a standard in Fuel Cell Testing for both R&D and Production sectors. In response, AMREL has introduced a line of cost-effective and flexible IM solutions. AMREL's FRA is feature-packed and at a fraction of the price of most FRA solutions, provides customers with significant cost savings. The unique and innovative design of the FRA utilizes Digital Correlation to filter harmonics/noise, tests stacks up to 500Vdc, provides both PSTAT (CV) and GSTAT (CC with eLoad) controls and displays IM in Bode/Nyquist plots for multi-frequency tests and Real/Imaginary & Gain/Phase formats for single-frequency monitoring. The FRA + eLoad solution allows high-current IM up to thousands of Amps, and constant-current control (GSTAT) allows user-configured ac+dc current levels to prevent current overload of the Stack/Cell. Customized FRA + eLoad solutions are available, precisely tailored to meet critical Fuel Cell Test system requirements. For large/medium power fuel cell stack systems, AMREL's PLA/PLW line also offers built-in current interruption capability.

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