October 31, 2005 18:51 ET

AMREL Introduces the First Integral Fuel Cell Impedance Analyzer

El MONTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2005 -- AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE announces their integral Impedance Analyzer (I.A.) This analyzer is designed to work with the AMREL line of e-Load Electronic Loads. This eliminates the need for a Frequency Response Analyzer, saving the customer over $20K on additional test equipment. Designed to meet AMREL's eLOAD customer's additional testing requirements, it serves as further indication of AMREL's ongoing commitment to their customers. AMREL's low-cost I.A. is unparalleled in features, flexibility and functionality.

AMREL's Impedance Analyzer is designed to simplify applications in Impedance Measurement, Electrochemistry (EIS) and Fuel Cell and Battery Testing/Research. For hassle-free AC Modulation applications, the IA outputs an AC signal superimposed onto dc Bias signal -- to achieve operating currents of up to 5000Adc. User-friendly features include auto-gain control for accurate small signal measurement down to the micro-ohm range, saturation protection to prevent signal overload, auto-zero calibration for increased accuracy and auto-amplitude feature for ac modulation. Precise control is available through configurable sampling intervals to balance between throughput and resolution, 4 display modes and operating current display, frequency and amplitude sweep displayed in Bode and Nyquist plots and V/I waveforms critical to EIS, and selectable gain control. Full functionality is available through VFD display/full-functional keypad and via GPIB/USB/Ethernet/RS-232 remotely using AMREL's application program.

The IA offers a frequency and amplitude range with accuracy minimized at 0.1%, and distortion less than 0.1% to provide precise signal generation. Impedance analysis applications can be realized through a frequency sweep of .1Hz ~ 20kHz and an amplitude sweep of up to 1Vrms and 5Vdc bias, capturing critical test data down to the micro-ohm range displayed on a log/linear scale. Only 1U high in size, AMREL's Impedance Analyzer packs a powerful and effective ac + dc Sine generator.

Additional specifications: 4 modes-Ch 1 Real and Imaginary Impedance Values/Ch 2 Real and Imaginary Impedance Values/Impedance measurement in polar form (gain and phase)/measurement in rectangular form (real and imaginary), 0.1% magnitude accuracy, 0.1° phase accuracy, 10mV dc bias resolution/0.1% accuracy, 0.01Hz Frequency resolution, 5mVp-p amplitude resolution, > 80dB common mode rejection @ 100Hz, 90dB dynamic range, > 90dB Cross Channel Isolation @ 10kHz, > 90dB drift-free dynamic reserve, ac coupling (- 3dB @ 2Hz), and 1μV sensitivity.

Come see AMREL's Impedance Analyzer the upcoming Fuel Cell Seminar in Palm Springs/November 15-17th/Booth # 338.

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