SOURCE: Author Steven Martin Cohen

Author Steven Martin Cohen

March 03, 2011 09:00 ET

Amron Partnered With Legendary World Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali to Reunite The Beatles and Now Pens His Story in New Tell-All Memoir

A Post-it Note to 3M - You did not invent it first

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) - The true American success story of inventor Alan Amron's celebrity-woven life with J.D. Salinger, Muhammad Ali, Kristy McNichol, Donald Trump, Tina Sinatra, Pat Summerall, and many others, also inventing Nikon's digital Photo Wallet, battery-operated water guns and other famous toys, and of course the first Press-on Memo that 3M later called their Post-it Note.

In 1973 Alan Amron invents a revolutionary new stationery product he calls the Press-on Memo, which in 1974 is demonstrated and sold in New York. Memo pad and special adhesive samples are both mass mailed and handed to delighted 3M executives. Later, 3M said the glue would clog the machinery and the product would be too expensive to make. But soon thereafter 3M releases their own version of the same product and called it Post-it Note.

So begins this inventor's career, who learns inventing and rubbing shoulders with the big boys is tough. These harsh realities might discourage most, but Alan licks his wounds and trudges forward.

Subsequent chapters reveal a dazzlingly-entrepreneurial and adaptive mind with a can-do attitude who brokers deals with and represents many big stars between an endless stream of successful inventions:

  • In one night twelve published writers unsatisfied with their representation hire Alan, thus he becomes a signatory agent with the writer's guild.

  • Partnering with famous sports caster Pat Summerall and meeting with the NFL commissioner to demonstrate Alan's First Down laser invention.

  • Meetings with Donald Trump.

  • Meeting famous recluse writer J.D. Salinger at his home, to offer one million dollars on behalf of Warner Brothers for the movie rights to Catcher in the Rye.

  • Dining at fight promoter Don King's New York town house.

  • Meeting and managing the career of ABC's Family star Kristy McNichol.

  • Asked to lunch with Dick Clark.

  • Asks everyone on earth to send him $1 to reunite the Beatles for a concert -- founded the International Committee to Reunite the Beatles, covered in Rolling Stone.

  • Invents the first battery-operated water guns which instantly become worldwide bestsellers, licensed to eight major toy companies, featured in People magazine.

  • Meets Frank Sinatra back stage at Carnegie hall with Tina Sinatra, his partners in BiCoastal, the first condominium airline.

  • Soap star Robert Guillaume asks Alan to manage his career, thus getting him his own show Benson after meeting Tony Thomas.

  • Asked to a lunch meeting in the Chicago home of Herbert Muhammad, the Black Muslim leader and manager of Muhammad Ali.

  • Asked to lunch with Diane Lane and her mom to discuss career management.

  • ABC president Tony Thomopoulos requests Alan to manage and negotiate contract with Cindy Williams, star of Lavern and Shirley.


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