SOURCE: AMS Services

May 13, 2008 20:30 ET

AMS Services Announces Availability of AMS Transit Server Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008

BOTHELL, WA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - AMS Services, a leader in insurance agency automation today announced the availability of AMS Transit Server support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. With Microsoft SQL Server widely utilized throughout the insurance industry, AMS Transit Server provides a necessary and robust, standards-based platform for connecting insurance carriers, agencies and MGAs.

AMS Transit Server can be purchased pre-configured with the ACS Underwriting Class Library (UCL), a comprehensive set of Microsoft .NET Framework classes that precisely mirror the ACORD P&C specification. Part of AMS Transit Server's appeal is that when used with the UCL, it provides near turn-key operation for many ACORD messages. This functionality is just one reason AMS Transit Server is quickly becoming the connectivity platform of choice for the insurance industry. Developers can jump start their Web Services work with the AMS Transit Server/UCL combination, greatly reducing the time to market for new ACORD-based Web Services.

"Transit-based connectivity streamlines workflow and information exchange from agencies to carriers and back for personal and commercial lines," said Fred Covely, president and CTO of AMS Connectivity Services (ACS), a part of AMS Services which is a division of Vertafore, Inc. "AMS Transit Server is an insurance specific integration server based entirely on Microsoft's .NET Framework architecture and products. It is pre-configured for most ACORD P&C transactions and messages, and comes with a wide variety of transformation and routing capabilities making it readily adaptable for use with your insurance partners."

"Keeping customer information secure while maintaining maximum uptime is a high priority for insurance customers," said Bill Hartnett, general manager, U.S. insurance industry solutions, Microsoft Corp. "By supporting SQL Server 2008, AMS Services recognizes the value of the security, reliability and scalability of the platform, as well as the benefit of using the .NET Framework to reduce the time and cost associated with management and development."

AMS Transit Server's UCL de-serializes ACORD P&C XML into native .NET objects mirroring the original ACORD XML elements, while providing unprecedented code reuse when dealing with ACORD messages. Utilizing the UCL and additional mapping classes, proprietary messages can be quickly mapped into the ACORD standard. Such "normalized" messages are then suitable for transmission to ACORD-compliant downstream endpoints.

Out of the box, AMS Transit Server connects to all AMS Services management system products, Applied management systems via IVAN's Transformation Station, SilverPlume Rating and now, Fiserv. Additional connectors are planned for Phoenix Rating, EZlynx, Duck Creek and other commercially-available agency management products.

For more information about AMS Transit Server, please visit our website at or contact Linda Caudle by e-mail at Onsite at the ACORD-LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, please contact Linda via cell phone at 425-246-1868.

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