SOURCE: AMX International, Incorporated

March 15, 2010 11:16 ET

AMX International, Incorporated Announces The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Program, an Innovative, Holistic and SEC Compliant Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - -- Risk management failures at a leading car maker will cost billions of dollars in reputation, brand, financial and operational performance, growth and stakeholder value. While risk is inherent to all businesses, across all industries, a solid risk management program can help management avoid major failures. The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program is an innovative and holistic approach for the implementation of an SEC compliant enterprise risk management program. It reflects the hard-earned lessons learned from risk management failures at financial services, insurance, professional services, manufacturing, commercial real estate, retail, and technology corporations. It also reflects thought leadership and best practices from the most successful organizations.

The approach minimizes cost and time to implement by leveraging the corporation's existing investment in employees, methodologies, frameworks, industry standards, policies, procedures, models and infrastructure. Training is incorporated in implementation to enhance the understanding of risks. The ERM Program facilitates the protection of Directors by providing an understanding of major risk, helping them become "actively engaged" in the independent validation of senior executive claims, required by business judgment rules. Senior executives, managers and staff benefit from uniform, timely and accurate risk management reports and dashboards, with drill-down information. The enterprise-wide understanding and management of major risks significantly improves resiliency, agility, financial performance, growth, competitive advantage and stakeholder value.

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AMX is a management consulting firm specializing in the implementation of transformational risk management and business continuity solutions for publicly traded corporations. AMX consultants are proven leaders with the skills, knowledge and experience required to work with global cross-functional teams and to collaborate with people at all levels of the corporation. AMX works in close partnership with directors, senior executives, managers and staff members to ensure an understanding the major risks and the reasons behind the risk management processes. AMX was founded in 1991, and its consultants have served Global 25 to Fortune 1000 corporations across 15 industries. For more information on AMX and the 2010 ERM Program, visit:

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