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March 19, 2010 10:04 ET

An organized garage saves time and makes gardening simpler

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Home/Garden Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - March 19, 2010) - Some consider the task of gardening and spring clean up arduous, while others eagerly anticipate its coming - but either way, with better organization gardening can be made simpler.

For the home owner who doesn't have a gardening shed, springtime usually begins with searching for the gardening tools. After all, stuff tends to accumulate in a garage over the winter, so it's not unusual for it to become cluttered and stuffed full with household items. Items such as, old VCRs and TVs, furniture and used appliances, all seem to get thrown into the garage when they're no longer wanted or needed.

"It really is amazing what gets thrown into a garage - I've seen just about everything from old sofas to boxes of files that haven't been touched for over 10 years; from fishing bait and sports equipment that's been unintentionally buried in a corner and rotting," says Aaron Cash, founder of Garage Living in Vaughan. "But there's good news; with a little organization, much of the clutter can be avoided saving time and inconvenience, making it easy to find the much needed gardening tools."

An organized and clean garage allows for prep work to be done in advance. Just think; pots could be prepared with stone and soil weeks ahead, just waiting for that eventful day or weekend. Additionally, with no time required to search for the right tool, gardening needs can be tended to easily and quickly.

"One of our clients had us build in their garage a workstation for their gardening activities, saying it was a dream come true and that there was so much room that she could really enjoy a Saturday afternoon in there," says Mr. Cash. "She was pleased how the slatwall kept all the tools organized in their right spot and how the Floortex material which she had applied to the garage floor, made it so easy to clean up and keep shiny."

Having a place to stack and store flower pots, and keep soil, peat moss, and fertilizing products makes gardening so much simpler. Everything can be accessed quickly and easily making repotting of plants and tending to gardens, convenient and enjoyable.

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