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July 29, 2011 03:57 ET

ANA Financial Results for the First Quarter of FY2011 and Earning Forecast for FY2011

TOKYO--(Marketwire - Jul 29, 2011) - ANA Group, Japan's largest airline group, today reported its consolidated financial results for the first three months (April - June) of fiscal year 2011. The Group made an operating loss of 8.1 billion yen, a recurring loss of 14.4 billion yen, and net loss of 8.4 billion yen for the period on consolidated operating revenues of 305.0 billion yen.

The losses during the period reflect the severe disruption caused by the Great East Japan earthquake in March which resulted in a significant decline in passenger numbers. Despite the steady recovery of the Japanese economy during the period, the short-term outlook remains unclear due to factors including restrictions on electric power distribution, the nuclear power shutdown, and a steep rise in crude oil prices.

Immediately following the earthquake, there was a large decline in demand on both domestic and international routes. However, ANA sought to minimize the impact of this with a series of initiatives to stimulate demand and reduce costs through a 30 billion yen efficiency program. As part of its support for rescue and recovery efforts, special flights were scheduled to Sendai, Fukushima and Yamagata.

The following results refer to the three month period April - June, 2011. Results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 are given for reference only and appear in the right side of each table.

Consolidated Financial Performance unit: billion yen (rounded down)
1Q/ FY2011 1Q/FY 2010 Difference %
Operating revenues 305.0 306.8 -1.7 -0.6
Operating expenses 313.1 303.8 9.3 +3.1
Operating income/ loss -8.1 2.9 -11.0 -
Non-operating income/ loss -6.3 -5.9 -0.4 -
Recurring profit/ loss -14.4 -2.9 -11.4 -
Extraordinary gains/ loss -0.1 -2.3 2.2 -
Net income/ loss -8.4 -5.2 -3.2 -
Performance by business segment (consolidated) unit: billion yen (rounded down)
1Q/ FY2011 1Q/ FY2010 Difference
Operating Segment Operating Operating Revenue Operating
revenues results *1 revenues income income
Air Transportation 274.3 -9.2 274.5 1.1 -0.2 -10.4
Travel Services 26.4 0.0 32.7 0.6 -6.2 -0.6
Others 33.4 0.9 34.1 1.0 -0.6 -0.0

*1 Operating income/loss in each business is applied to segment profits.

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