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July 16, 2008 15:53 ET

Anaheim University's Online Sustainable Management Programs Make On-Campus Universities Green With Envy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - At first glance, the traditional campus-based university appears to be environmentally friendly with its grassy hills, ivy-covered walls and historic buildings. However, a closer look reveals a different story. Massive parking lots and structures accommodate the thousands of students that commute by car to campus at many institutions. In order to portray a historic image, tremendous resources go into preserving older buildings with outdated heating and cooling systems that absorb excessive amounts of energy. These buildings also require continuous maintenance that contributes to the expenditure of valuable resources. Competitiveness amongst institutions of higher learning drives many institutions to continuously build and expand upon their campuses to attract students. Philanthropy campaigns set up by senior administrators often showcase the need for large and dramatic buildings in order to out-do rival schools and satisfy the dreams of philanthropists who long to see their name across the face of a building. A culture where academics compete to raise funding and expand their facilities also plays a part in the unnecessary development of new buildings.

In 2006, it cost one east coast-based University $107,500,000 to heat, cool, light and power their more than 27.5 million square feet of building space. In a single year, the electricity consumption for the campus of a 5,000 student research university indirectly resulted in the emission of approximately 74 million pounds of CO2, just under 40 million kWhs of electricity was used on the main campus and the gym alone, and the University Central Heating Plant's natural gas usage was approximately 300,000 mmBTU.

"It is time that we begin practicing what we teach," stated William Hartley, President of Anaheim University, who spent the majority of his career teaching in traditional on-campus institutions. "Here at Anaheim University, we teach various programs that focus on society and the environment, including an online Green MBA, and online Diploma and Certificate programs in Sustainable Management. It is our aim to minimize the amount of natural resources that go into the education process. By teaching online, we do not only reduce CO2 emissions but we also preserve many natural resources such as the petroleum used to transport students that commute to traditional campuses. We are already greatly ahead of the curve by allowing our professors and students to teach and learn from their homes and offices. We are calling upon our partners and vendors to support us in our effort to be entirely paperless by 2010. We have given the publishers a hard deadline of 24 months to produce e-books or lose our business. It is our belief that by taking a hard stance to preserve the environment we will serve as a role model for our students and for other institutions of higher learning," stated Hartley.

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