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December 14, 2010 09:01 ET

Analyst Sees Price Appreciation for AISystems; Near $1 Within 6 Months, $3 Within 2 Years, and $20 Within 2 to 5 Years

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2010) - AISystems, Inc. (OTCBB:ASYI) ("AISystems" or the "Company"), creator of jetEngine, a revolutionary business platform software system for the airline industry, is pleased to announce the independent Ray Dirks Research report which contains a buy recommendation for AISystems.

The Buy Recommendation

Ray Dirks of Ray Dirks Research stated "Ray Dirks Research recommends AISystems, Inc. ("ASYI" or "AISystems") at 23 cents per share ($0.23) for very substantial capital appreciation in the short term (1 to 6 months), in the intermediate term (6 months to 2 years), and the long term (2 to 5 years)." Specifically, Ray Dirks thinks that the common stock of AISystems will appreciate by about 4 times within 6 months to near $1.00 per share. In 2 years or less, Ray Dirks believes that ASYI will reach $3.00 per share for a return of about 14 times on the investors' money. Within 2 to 5 years, he believes that the stock of AISystems will trade at $20.00 per share; Ray Dirks' conclusion being that patient long-term investors will probably achieve a total return of more than 85 times on their money.

Supporting Factors to Buy Recommendation

Ray Dirks Research based its forecast for AISystems on several factors, some of which are:

  • An outstanding management team led by Stephen C. Johnston, President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • The potential profitability of its revolutionary business platform software system designed for the airline industry.
  • Upcoming milestone announcements that he predicts to happen in the near future regarding the jet Engine™ Business Planning Suite (jetEngine™ BPS), the unique revolutionary software product recently released by AISystems.
  • The Company' highly esteemed Advisory Board which is led by Salman Ullah, PhD., Chairman of AISystems' advisory board.
  • Emerging discussions with a number of major airlines around the world, which collectively, could save billions of dollars annually by using the "jetEngine™" platform, which is comprised of systems and mathematical algorithms pertaining to strategic business planning, resources scheduling, revenue management, and integrated operations.

Industry and Company Fundamentals

As outlined by Ray Dirks, "the airline industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of revenues and number of people employed." Dirks comments further that profitability in the airline industry "has been characterized by wide swings, thereby creating a boom and bust type of environment for the industry's financiers and investors to navigate. On the international landscape, the airline industry has grown rapidly over the last 50 years, although profitability has declined in recent years as fuel costs skyrocketed."

Ray Dirks' conclusion is that this "panorama engenders an ideal picture for AISystems, the clients of which are overseas carriers as well as some of the leading airlines in the United States. There are 400 airline companies in the world that are strong targets for the jet Engine™ BPS software developed by AISystems."

About Ray Dirks Research

Ray Dirks came to Wall Street with Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1963 where he was established as the leading insurance stock analyst dealing with institutional investors and high net worth investors both in the U.S. and internationally. Ray's research includes Healthcare Stocks and Special Situations. Ray has written two books, 'The Great Wall Street Scandal' and 'Heads, You Win, Tails, You Win: The Dirks Investment Formula', published by McGraw-Hill and Bantam Books respectively. He continues to provide research to institutions and individuals.

The Research Report

The Ray Dirks Research report on AISystems can be found at the following link

About AISystems

AISystems has developed a unique, proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine™, which is comprised of systems and mathematical algorithms capable of generating significant profitability improvements through strategic business planning capabilities, resource scheduling, revenue management and integrated operations. More information about AISystems can be found at

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