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September 23, 2010 08:55 ET

Analyst Study on Silver Wheaton and Coeur d`Alene Mines -- Silver Glittering Value Attracts Investors

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - September 23, 2010) - brings investors market knowledge on the aspects moving the silver stocks, and offers complete analytical research on companies like Silver Wheaton Corp. (NYSE: SLW) and Coeur d`Alene Mines Corporation (NYSE: CDE). Register with today to gain full access to our complimentary research on these silver stocks.

Companies within the Silver sector such as Coeur d`Alene Mines Corporation have seen a huge boost as of late from surging gold and silver prices. Silver has posted a 23% increase this year and is nearing its highest price in 30 years this week. Silver is also closing its margin on gold, which has only grown 16% for the year. The entire sector is benefiting from increased margins. Stream mining company Silver Wheaton Corp. which has purchased by-product silver at low fixed costs is benefiting even more than other silver miners. Investors can access free research on Coeur d`Alene Mines Corporation and Silver Wheaton Corp. now by signing up at or is a specialized website where investors can have specific access to complimentary reports on silver industry; traders looking for analysis on Silver Wheaton Corp., Coeur d`Alene Mines Corporation and other players in the industry are welcomed to sign up for free at

The boost in gold and silver prices is attributed to investors seeking out a safe-haven for their cash. With the Federal Open Market Committee announcing recently that it is considering an injection of cash to protect the U.S. Dollar from deflating, investors are looking for a place to stash money in anticipation of a weakening currency. While gold is the more typical candidate for value-protection, silver has been gaining popularity lately due to its added industrial value. When currency markets stabilize, silver doesn't lose as much value due to its demand in industrial applications. Visit us at to understand the catalysts and forces driving or affecting companies in the silver industry.

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