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November 11, 2011 08:05 ET

Analytical Reports on Alcatel-Lucent and CIENA Corp. - Quickly Evolving Communication Equipment Industry Poses Challenges

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As network technology continues to advance simultaneously with increases in bandwidth demand, companies in the Communication Equipment industry find themselves in competition to provide the standard for the next generation of high speed information transfer technology. Companies in the industry such as CIENA Corp. and Alcatel-Lucent have been busy trying to expand usage and renovate their brands of communication equipment to a market that is both hungry for speed and in many cases experiencing tight budget constraints. gives traders a unique insight about Alcatel-Lucent and CIENA Corp. by registering now at or brings investors free classic analysis on Alcatel-Lucent, CIENA Corp. and other companies within the Communication Equipment industry. This type of analysis is only a fragment of the information members have available to them. To learn more we encourage investors to sign up at

CIENA Corp. together with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information recently announced the deployment of a 100G optical cable network, Korea's first. More demand for this kind of technology could be seen as video and cloud computing are pushing the limits of slower equipment.

Competition is stiff in the industry though, and several other rivals are capable of providing similar technology. The weak economy, particularly in Europe, is creating headwinds for companies in the industry like Alcatel-Lucent. Market uncertainty in Europe could delay network technology advances to newer mobile technology like 4G and LTE as some European telecoms may be hesitant to make large network infrastructure expenditures.

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