SOURCE: BAIR Analytics Inc.

BAIR Analytics Inc.

February 10, 2014 14:51 ET

Analytical Software Puts the London Police Service in the Forefront of Modern Policing Strategy

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO--(Marketwired - February 10, 2014) - Police officers in London, Ontario are utilizing technology to police smarter. Through a provincial grant the London Police Service recently purchased a suite of analytical software designed to identify patterns in crime and help law enforcement anticipate where future incidents will occur. This software, provided by BAIR Analytics Inc. from the Denver, Colorado area, has already been deployed to hundreds of local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The London Police Service is the first Canadian agency to utilize these tools. 

The software includes a public crime map that allows citizens to stay informed of crime in their neighborhood. Constable Ken Steeves of the London Police says, "Seeing is believing."

"This is really good for the community because it brings some of these things to light," he said. "Combatting crime is not just a police responsibility, it's a community responsibility."

It's clear that London's citizens agree. Within the first 30 days, more than 11,000 citizens from the London area have visited RAIDS Online and more than 18,000 searches have been performed by these citizens looking at crimes in their communities. Sean Bair, President of BAIR Analytics, says, "Providing the public with a means to inform themselves of crime and disorder within their communities often lowers fear, builds trust, improves awareness, and engages them in the shared effort toward public safety."

In addition to the public crime map, the London Police Service obtained other BAIR tools, ATAC Workstation and ATACRAIDS, designed to aid in the identification of crime patterns and trends. All members of the London Police Service, including the Crime Analysis Unit, can now utilize these tools to uncover crime series and trends and even predict where and when future incidents are likely to occur.

The London Police Service implemented all of this software on January 1, 2014. Within the first month, the purchase is already paying off. The London Police first identified a series of Residential Burglaries where jewelry was being taken in a certain section of the City. Further analysis showed the break-ins were occurring between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm while most residents were at work. By identifying this pattern, London Police resources were more effectively deployed to deter this activity and prevent future incidents. 

Next, London Police identified a rash of crimes involving copper theft. The police identified 17 incidents in the past two months where copper thieves had broken into houses with "For Sale" signs displayed in the front yard. The thieves were removing copper pipes and wires from the homes that could be sold at scrap yards for cash. The thieves caused extensive damage to the homes which resulted in costly repair bills for the owners.

The department has released information about these recent crime series to the public in an effort to increase community awareness and promote an environment of community-oriented policing. By securing this analytical software, the London Police Service continues to demonstrate that they are at the forefront of police strategy and, through their partnership with BAIR Analytics, will continue to introduce smarter, more efficient ways of policing to the citizens of London. 

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