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Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.

February 11, 2009 10:15 ET

Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. Enhances Analytics to Include Vectored Tuning to Measure the Risk of Mortgage Portfolios With Greater Flexibility and Accuracy

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 11, 2009) - Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. (AD&Co) today announces the release of LoanDynamics™ version 1.7.1c and Prepayment Model version 5.2e, which include vectored tunings, an enhanced tuning feature for forecasting the performance of mortgage portfolios. This enhancement allows users to vary prepayment and default tuning parameters over specific time periods, which is particularly valuable when current market performance deviates significantly from historical norms.

As home prices continue to fall and the availability of credit remains tight, prepayment speeds have reached historical lows while delinquencies, defaults and losses are at all time highs. While the outlook for the near future looks like much of the same, at some point, prepay speeds will rise and default rates will slow. With vectored tuning, users can incorporate their opinion as to how long current trends will last and when a more robust mortgage market will emerge.

AD&Co's Vectors™ Suite includes economic models of prepayments, delinquencies, defaults and losses that are calibrated to historical data. The models forecast the relative effects that different variables (such as home prices, credit score and aging) have on borrower behavior. The models were designed to enable users to express a view or "tune" the impact of these variables, and analyze how their opinions affect portfolio performance. The ability to specify a date range for the tunings provides investors in MBS greater flexibility and an even more useful analytical tool.

According to Andrew Davidson, President of AD&Co, "We believe that models should be used to perform sensitivity analyses. In addition, models should be able to account for current market dislocations that may not reflect historical performance. AD&Co's vectored tuning capability makes all of this possible. Further, this enhancement allows us to capture a more dynamic view of delinquencies and defaults which radically improves the quality of the valuations provided in both our software products and valuation services."

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