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April 16, 2008 18:09 ET

Andrew Duggan Launches Dynamic Energy Capital

Former CIO at LPL Financial Announces Formation of New Green Energy Fund

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - With fuel prices continuing to climb, and fears of global climate change making daily headlines, what can the financial services sector do to make a difference? If you ask Andrew Duggan, CEO of Dynamic Energy Capital, it can change the world.

"It's astonishing," said Duggan. "You can't turn on your television without seeing a report about renewable energy -- how it is expanding, how vital it will be for our future. Yet only one percent of all energy on Earth is being created using these technologies."

Duggan had a successful run at LPL Financial, where he helped grow revenues from $700 Million to over $2.7 Billion. Even so, Duggan says, it's time to pursue a larger vision. "While there were a lot of positive aspects to LPL, ultimately I need to be true to my own objectives; and there has never been a better opportunity for me to create revenue for my investors while making positive change in the world."

Where many see difficulties in overcoming vested interests in the energy sector, Duggan sees only opportunity. With oil prices soaring to over $100 per barrel, the market may soon begin to demand a new solution.

A dedicated executive, author, and Ironman athlete, Duggan isn't afraid to strive for change.

"Most investors aren't aware that current renewable energy technologies can already supply over 18 times the energy needed to power every home, business and vehicle on Earth," Duggan said. "The only missing piece is investment to help these technologies compete on a level playing field with the entrenched energy producers."

Achim Steiner, Executive Director for the United Nations Environment Programme, recently wrote that the renewable energy sector "will far surpass the predictions of conventional energy analysts, which have mostly assumed a very minor role for these technologies. Financiers will not be the only ones to profit -- communities will take their returns in cleaner air and water, and new cleantech jobs."

Based on the data in the UNEP report, titled "Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2007," there will be massive opportunities for financial services firms who can bridge the gap between investors and renewable energy producers, to create a real market for these vital technologies. "The timing couldn't be more perfect," said Duggan. "These industries are poised for a revolution that will change the $6 trillion worldwide energy market as we know it."

With our own future hanging in the balance, let's hope Duggan is right.

About Dynamic Energy Capital

Dynamic Energy Capital ( is a global investment firm focused on the preservation and growth of capital, with an emphasis on emerging technologies in renewable energy. Its areas of focus are: reducing fossil fuel dependence; preventing environmental degradation; fostering job growth; and helping to reduce global warming.

About Andrew Duggan, CEO

Andrew Duggan served as Executive Vice President and CIO at LPL Financial from 2005 to February 2008. He is the author of "Unlimited Energy: How and Why To Invest in Renewable Energy" and "Lessons of the Future: Thriving Today by Understanding Tomorrow." Mr. Duggan also served as an executive level strategic consultant for Fortune 500 firm Sempra Energy, and is a member of the Irish Technology Leadership Group, a think-tank which advises the Irish government on creating a knowledge economy in Ireland. Further information on Mr. Duggan is available at

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