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October 16, 2008 10:43 ET

Business Writer Andrew Sherman Announces Fall Release of Inspirational Book: "Road Rules: Be the Truck not the Squirrel"

Noted Author of 17 Published Business and Financial Books Will Unveil Fresh Inspiration During These Turbulent Times

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) - Andrew Sherman, author of 17 business books including the bestsellers "Raising Capital" and "Franchising & Licensing: Two Ways to Build Your Business," will release his first book aimed at the general public this fall. "Road Rules: Be the Truck not the Squirrel" ( takes a fresh look at the rules and lessons we follow while driving to work or running errands and applies these to life outside of the car.

The first non-business book written by Sherman, "Road Rules" is about the time one spends behind the wheel, and however uninspiring it may be, it teaches you about life's most meaningful lessons. From speed and direction, to knowing when it is time to refuel or change lanes, the rules one must follow on the road are not dissimilar from the rules one must live by and use to set life priorities and goals that matter most.

"I came up with the idea for the book on one of my long, frustrating commutes, realizing the parallels between how we should drive and how we should conduct our personal and professional lives," said Sherman. "With the coming election and the unprecedented economic problems, now more than ever people are looking for guidance and comfort in an uncertain world. I hope that the book can provide a fresh perspective and insight to help calm frayed nerves."

"Road Rules" centers around 12 key road rules and their application on interstates as well as the road of life:

1. Be the truck. Not the squirrel.
2. Share the road
3. Happiness is a clear windshield
4. Embrace your dashboard
5. Pay careful attention to the road signs of life
6. Be guided by your navigational system
7. Don't fear the back roads
8. Be an all-weather driver
9. Accidents can happen even to the best drivers
10. Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear
11. Life is a four-way intersection
12. Don't judge a driver by his vehicle

Visit for more information and insight into this inspirational journey and look into life and its challenges. "Road Rules" is slated for publication in November 2008. Advance copies may be ordered through Amazon at

About Andrew Sherman

Andrew J. Sherman is a professor of business management, strategy and planning at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and a senior partner in Dickstein Shapiro LLP in Washington, DC. Sherman has been a keynote speaker on business growth topics in over 35 countries at thousands of conferences around the globe. Whether as a professor, speaker, or advisor, he has devoted his professional life to helping companies grow. After 17 books on business growth, "Road Rules" is his first journey into personal growth and development, life planning, and societal rules of the road.

Sherman has appeared as a guest and a commentator on all of the major television networks as well as CNBC's "Power Lunch," CNN's "Day Watch," CNNfn's "For Entrepreneurs Only," and Bloomberg's "Small Business Weekly." He has appeared on numerous regional and local television broadcasts as well as national and local radio interviews for National Public Radio (NPR), Business News Network (BNN), Bloomberg Radio, AP Radio Network, Voice of America, Talk America Radio Network and the USA Radio Network, as a recognized expert on capital formation, entrepreneurship and technology development.

Early Praise for "Road Rules: Be the Truck, Not the Squirrel"

"Life's true road to happiness is never straight. Andrew J. Sherman's 'Road Rules' provides a memorable analogy for navigating the journey."

--Verne Harnish
Founder of EO and CEO of Gazelles, Author of  "Mastering the Rockefeller

"Andrew J Sherman's 'Road Rules' is a 'great GPS for life.' He covers life ups and downs, and everything in between. A book that has you think, reflect and enjoy. There is definitely something for everyone on this Journey!"

--Keith Alper, CEO/Executive Producer
Creative Producers Group

"If you can only read one self-help book this year, 'Road Rules' should be on the top of your list. Andrew J. Sherman has written a wise, witty and inspirational guide to a meaningful life. You will have a better chance of reaching your destination, if you use the fuel he provides to power your journey down the highway of life."

--Melanne Verveer
Co-founder and Chair, Vital Voices Global Partnership
(former chief of staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton)

"Given the recent financial crisis in our country, every American needs to read 'Road Rules!' We need to get back to our core values and principles that guide us to make the right long term decisions, as Andrew so brilliantly demonstrates in this book. It has become increasingly hard to do the 'right thing' because of societal pressures, distractions, and temptations. Andrew's opening quote is invaluable: 'Let me not swerve from my life's true path, for it is on this road that my soul connects to its divine source.' His book will provide you the sense of peace that we are all very hungry for given the increasing complexity of our daily lives."

--Terry Thorson Cox
President & CEO
Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) supported by Inc. Magazine

"If you'd like to finally take control of the wheel and influence the course of your destination, 'Road Rules' will make you think in ways you've never thought before. Andrew J. Sherman has provided concise insights and observations into developing strategies for a more robust journey on the road of life. 'Road Rules' is simple and clear, yet profound in its depth and clarity. Andrew provides you with the tools to develop your personal road map for satisfaction in both your personal and professional life."

~Shawn M. Hoyer
Senior Vice President, Bank of America
Global Middle Market Banking

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