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April 03, 2007 14:39 ET

Andrews Air Force Base Uses Mobilisa's Defense ID® to Secure Base

ANDREWS AFB, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 3, 2007 -- The 316th Security Forces Squadron is using a new device at the base gates.

The M2500, which is a handheld scanner, is used to scan identification cards and driver's licenses.

"This device is another tool used by the 316 SFS to enhance base security," said Tech. Sgt. Gregory T. Striejewske, 316 SFS Visitor Control Center NCOIC.

The M2500 is part of an ID verification system used by the Defense ID Scanning system by Mobilisa Inc., said Sergeant Striejewske. Defense ID is a powerful security enhancement tool used for automating the screening procedures to filter individuals at military installations and other secure locations.

"Now security forces can quickly process individuals through entry points by screening them against multiple consolidated databases of either entry authorization lists or more importantly, lists of criminally wanted persons or individuals specifically not authorized for access to Andrews," he said.

The system is capable of checking for fake, lost, stolen and terminated military ID cards, expired IDs, terror suspects, criminal suspects, installation debarment rosters and more.

The device works by scanning the one- or two-dimensional barcodes or magnetic strips found on all state and federally issued ID cards. In addition to the bar code and magnetic strip scan, it is capable of loading a manual search using, a name, social security number, date of birth or any other ID feature. Once the ID is scanned, the device automatically checks the information against multiple databases for any matches. If a match is found, the operator will be alerted to act as needed dependent upon the return information.

"The Defense ID system is relatively new to the installation, and since its inception in mid-January, it has already been used to scan more than 31,600 ID credentials and has identified more than 110 discrepancies," said the sergeant. "These incidents include 35 personnel who were barred from the installation attempting to gain access, 11 persons wanted from various worldwide locations and numerous other suspended and terminated ID cards. Of these, the 316 SFS have seen positive matches for persons wanted by Interpol for counterfeiting and fraud, one person on the New York State's Most Wanted listing and one name matched for a suspected terrorist (later found to possess the same name as an alias). All findings thus far have been handled without any further incident."

Additionally, the 316 SFS is currently developing a system for badge issuance through the Defense ID System, he said. In the near future, all base access passes will be issued using the Mobilisa Defense ID as well as contractor and visitor badges. These badges will allow security forces to manage and track each and every visitor to the installation.

"The defense ID scanning system is in place to better enhance the security of the installation," said Sergeant Striejewske. "The 316 SFS has gained these tools for use in the effort to increase the protection of our base personnel, facilities and resources. Rest assured, this equipment is here to help, not to hinder."

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