September 20, 2010 09:08 ET

Android Posing Serious Challenge to the iPhone and iPad

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) - has announced the addition of Information Consulting, LLC's new report "Google vs. Apple: Clash of the Titans," to their collection of Software & Enterprise Computing market reports. For more information, visit

"Apple's phenomenal success with products such as iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad is without precedent, as is Google's dominance of Web search and advertising," said Naqi Jaffery, Chief Analyst and Executive VP with Information Consulting. "However, in their battle for consumers' pocketbooks," he said, "Apple has the short-term advantage but Google will be the winner over the long haul."

Riding on its recent successes, Apple will continue to be the dominant player in the short term, the study says. In addition to its devices that have generated record-breaking sales, Apple created an App Store that has redefined mobile commerce. Apple is now staking its claim in Web advertising that could give it a significant boost on the Internet.

Because of its unwillingness to license iPhone OS to other vendors, the study said, Apple faces the prospect of being confined to a niche status in the mobile world, not unlike its share in the PC market where it failed to dislodge Microsoft from its top ranking. Moreover, with Steve Jobs' health issues, it is unclear if his heir-apparent, Timothy Cook, will be able to match the vision and leadership of his mentor.

With Google, Apple has met its match, the study said. Led by two brilliant entrepreneurs, Google is attempting to dominate the space that represents the intersection of Internet and mobility. This strategy is embodied in the company's foray into cloud computing and its venture into the markets for operating systems and mobile devices.

Google's Internet presence is ubiquitous, and its Web advertising tools have been unsurpassed, the study points out. Moreover, Google has an impressive portfolio of cloud-based products.

Unlike Apple which has chosen to be the sole vendor of devices based on iOS, the study said, Google has created an ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of the Android platform. Android-based smartphones and tablets are posing a serious challenge to iPhone and iPad.

Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Apple's Safari in market share, the study said. Its upcoming Chrome OS is already creating ripples in the marketplace that should unsettle the likes of Microsoft.

"Nevertheless," Mr. Jaffery said, "the rivalry between the Google and Apple bodes well for the consumer since the competition it has ignited will spawn new products, solutions and applications."

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