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September 30, 2014 21:00 ET

Andy Warhol: Sensation in German Auction

MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - Ketterer Kunst will offer an extra catalog with an unusual range of works by the renowned American Pop Art icon Andy Warhol. The select pieces of art -- most of them photographs and drawings from the early 1950s -- by the shy and introvert artist will be auctioned on occasion of the renowned German auction house's 60th anniversary in Munich on 6 December.

The top position of this array of fine art -- unprecedented on the German auction market and partly originating from Andy Warhol's estate -- is occupied by the work 'Lenin' (estimate: EUR 100,000-150,000) made in the late1980s.

Next to the collage 'Mick Jagger' (estimate: EUR 45,000-65,000) a portrait of the great thinker and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the few rare 'German' motifs, is another highlight. This color silkscreen is the first in a series of works that reference historic artworks. For this work Warhol took a section of the presumably most famous Goethe portrait made by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein in 1787 and which today is in possession of the Frankfurt Städel Museum. The fascinating sheet will enter the race with an estimate of EUR 40,000-60,000. 

The catalog also comprises a number of impressive photographic works, among them two lots of Polaroid photographs of Warhol's artist colleagues, both likewise protagonists of Pop Art: The unique piece 'Robert Rauschenberg' from 1981 (estimate: EUR 6,000-8,000) as well as the four Polaroids 'Roy Lichtenstein' from around 1975 (estimate: EUR 15,000-20,000) are prime examples from Warhol's oeuvre of portrait photographs. On an extremely close image section, the exceptional artist created compact portraits with his famous Big Shot Polaroid Camera, rendering an extremely dense narration, which allows just enough space for both the artist and the depicted person to reveal a small piece of themselves.

Additionally, the catalog offers various gelatine silver prints with motifs ranging from portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jon Gould up to architectural icons such as the Empire State Building or Hammer and Sickle, the symbols of Communism. Warhol's photographs are not only the first artistic documents of his thoughts, they also deliver an account of his struggle for potential motifs. Some, such as 'Skull' or 'Hammer and Sickle', served as models and at the same time they are a primal source of Warhol's image creation. The estimates are between EUR 2,000 and EUR 9,000.

Some of his drawn portraits stand in clear contrast to the subjectivity of his photographic portraits. For instance, the ballpoint pen drawing 'Bob C.' (estimate: EUR 14,000-18,000) from around 1955 clearly illustrates the development of a reduced typification which abandons all subjectivity in favor of de-individualized forms, thus creating an odd and reserved view onto the depicted objects.

During the 1950s, when Warhol was active as commercial artist in New York, he almost exclusively made drawings. His naive style and his wit, which found expression in both his professional and private works, remained almost unchanged far beyond the 1950s. Impressive works from that period are 'Couple Embracing' (estimate: EUR 7,000-9,000), 'Jack Holding Crayons' (estimate: EUR 9,000-12,000) and 'Young Man' (estimate: EUR 7.000-9.000).

The paper collage and color silkscreen 'Viewpoint' could be obtained for the estimate of EUR 18,000-24,000. The architecture of Warhol's New York is in the focus of this work, which is the first one with a building as protagonist.

The exquisite array of works is completed by a colored India ink drawing. The graceful work 'Hot Air Balloon' from the artist's estate could perhaps fly to its new owner for the estimate of EUR 14,000-18,000.

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